NPP-USA Calls for Intra Party Unity Rejoinder

Fri, 2 Oct 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

A Ghanaweb .com article dated Thursday 22, September 2009 NPP-USA calling for intra- party unity is a Political smear tactic from the self proclaimed “ public relation committee” against Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng. These members are all Akufo Addo’ s cronies in North America, where they don’t represent, anybody as far as I’m concerned. Many of them have miserable lives over here. They think their Akufo Addo the 70- year- old man will win the 2012 presidential nomination in order for them to go back home and fulfill the dreams they could not fulfill over here.

This so-called Public Relations Committee says “ Although in 2007 as many as 17 candidates competed for the chance to lead the party in the 2008 general elections, only two of them Akufo Addo and Alan Kyeremateng were able to muster enough following to emerge as leaders of Factions within the party”. The question is what is your definition of a faction? The fact that Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng has supporters does not mean he has created a faction within the NPP organization. Alan has supporters in NDC, CPP, and independent voters across the country; this means he has factions within the NDC, CPP and other party members who supported his good vision for our motherland across the country. Henceforth, don’t you dare compare you Akufo Addo who has created a faction within the UP /PFP/NPP tradition since 1979 till now. Alan Kyeremateng has no faction in the NPP and has no intention for ever creating any faction within the NPP; he doesn’t have any wicked mind and he is not power conscious as your Akufo Addo who has created Akyem faction whom they often cry like little babies, claiming the party belongs to them. As I have always said, a leadership position should not be based on ethnicity. The criteria of chosen leadership have many elements such as a person's ability to lead an organization successfully, a clear vision for future innovation creative ideas, humility, compassion and lastly honesty. We all know Akufo Addo does not possess these qualities. During the recent constitutional Conference in Accra in August people were angry; the question they were asking is this? What is the population of Akyem people who support the UP tradition as compared to other ethnic groups within the UP tradition?. They are not up to two hundred thousand; they are the minorities but they are the ones always creating confusion within the organization since 1979. If you ignorant people were truly there at the recent Accra delegate’s conference you heard what was going on. However, the majority of Akyem people who do not support Akufo Addo’s behavior of creating factions within the NPP organization to give them a bad name said they will never vote for this Akufo Addo period. My advice to you guys is if you people continue to follow Akufo Addo’s tribal policy, it will be difficult for somebody from Akyem areas to lead this great organization that you claim is yours in the future.

These aforementioned (PR) members believe that trashing the image of Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng will serve the best interest of their Akufo Addo’s interest. The public relations committee membsers stated “With Akufo- Addo going on record to support the measure and Alan Kyeremateng essentially sitting on the fence between whether or not to expand the delegates”. This statement alone signifies their determination to destroy Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng’s reputation and their intention to intimidate him in the eyes of some NPP members as a man who doesn’t want to bring peace within the organization. Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng is not like your Akufo Addo. Alan is a quiet man, a man who doesn’t create enemies within the NPP; a visionary leader who always focuses on building a better innovative nation and making the NPP organization better for future generations; he is a man who doesn’t go around and destroy his political opponent as your Akufo Addo continues to do on a daily basis. For your lack of knowledge of what Alan did, as far back of 2005 during the presidential nomination it was Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, himself an NPP servant, was the first person to get involved all the polling station executives’ membership across the country to the have powers to select delegates. How on earth can you people who cannot go to Ghana sit here and talk all this nonsense about Alan.? This is the man who has helped polling station executive members to establish small-scale businesses in their constituencies across the country in order for them to become self –sufficient. It was Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng through the innovative business models he used to organized business for some foot soldiers in obscure places for the party members across the country. You can ask your Akufo Addo about this. Your Akufo Addo continues to create confusion within the NPP party. Recently, after the party delegates conference just held in Accra during August 2009 the party members agreed on the constitutional amendments. The party’s General Secretary, Nana Ohene Ntow, who is supposed to draft the changes in constitutional amendments, has been pushed to sit on the sidelines while Akufo Addo’s campaign manager Boakye Agyarko is the one drafting the constitution. Why? Because Akufo Addo and his cronies wanted to have their way. The question I want to ask you impudents exactly is who is Boakye Agyarko? Is he the party’s Lawyer? Is it the way to bring unity? If you people are looking for trouble just bring it on.

From: Nana Kofi Amanwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi