NPP-USA Gives Award To President Mills – A Rejoinder

Thu, 30 Dec 2010 Source: NDC


The NDC-USA’s attention has been drawn to an article by NPP-USA concerning the conduct of the President of Ghana, H. E. Prof. J. E. Atta Mills. In the aforementioned article the NPP-USA claims, that President Mills has used his time to engage in grandstanding before the Ghanaian people, in order that he may gain the reputation of an incorruptible leader.

The NDC –USA contend that whilst rectitude and incorruptibility in leadership may be incomprehensible or alien concepts for NPP-USA, events have clearly revealed President Mills as a paragon of these virtues. Contrary to NPP-USA’s claim that the President has sought to bring attention to his virtues, the Ghanaian public have been afforded such glimpses, usually as a result of largely accidental events.

The NDC-USA strongly contend, that the NPP-USA’s article titled; NPP-USA Gives Award to President Mills, is a bogus, invalid and unreliable attempt, to smear the hard worn reputation of President Mills. The article is for example couched in language that suggests for example, that the NDC led administration is somehow responsible for the contents of documents leaked by the wikileaks organization.

The United States confidential diplomatic cables (which were leaked by the wikileaks website) affords all Ghanaians a compelling view of the Kufuor led administration’s efforts at curbing the growing narcotics trade in Ghana. The contrast between the efforts of the erstwhile NPP led administration, and that of the Mills administration is clear and transparent for all who care to read the wikileaks documents. Whilst the Kufuor led administration is described as lacking the political will to annihilate the forces that continue to engage in this illicit trade, the Mills administration is credited with showing the necessary goodwill. One of the early reports of Mills led administration’s efforts is indeed titled, “Ghana President Leads Fight Against Narcotics”. Incidentally, one of the reports about the Kufuor administration is titled, “GOG Not Doing Enough to Combat Narcotics”. The NPP USA’s article seems to claim that somehow the portrayal of President Mills in a positive light is a result of a publicity stunt; nothing can be further from the truth.

The Mills’ administration deserves to be commended for among other things, reducing the number of people who had being given diplomatic passports, merely because they knew someone powerful in the NPP led administration. Also deserving commendation is the current government’s no nonsense approach to the fight against the narcotics trade, which has seen even members of cabinet endure the close scrutiny of drug enforcement and immigration officials as they depart from the nation’s international airport.

In the article, the NPP-USA actually claims that, “anyone can take bribes, and complain about the offer and how it offended him”. Based on this premise, they actually conclude, that because President Mills in a meeting with US officials is revealed to have complained and expressed outrage about attempts to bribe him, he must have something to hide. This is the kind of twisted logic NPP-USA has being spewing in most of its past articles. One of the underlying misrepresentations that NPP-USA article makes, is that the reports leaked by the wikileaks organization can be attributed to the NDC administration. The larger question is, why should a group that makes such ridiculous assertions be taken seriously ?

The notion, that President Mills asked ‘someone’ to give him a bribe in the presence of an NPP leader, in order that the he may be portrayed in a good light by this NPP bigwig is another as dubious, as it is childish. The NPP USA does not explain why and how the President knew in advance that, the NPP leader will indeed publicly speak about what he had witnessed.

According to NPP-USA, construction of structures on President Mills’ family land is synonymous with corruption, as if President Mills is the only income earner in his whole extended family.

The NDC-USA wishes to express its outrage at such vile and nefarious attempts to smear the hard worn reputation of the President of Ghana, Prof. J. E. A Mills. President Mills has spent a considerable amount of his adult life in serving Ghana as a public servant, in various capacities, his name is without blemish.

Osborne K Sam

NDC USA, Secretary

Columnist: NDC