NPP: Will Be Back In 2012

Sun, 28 Jun 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The majority of Ghanaians have begun to see the difference of good and bad governing between the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the national Democratic Congress (NDC). They now have the opportunity to make the final judgment on which party is serving the interest of our nation. As the saying goes, if Sunday will be a joyful day it begins on Saturday evening. Since the returning of the NDC administration some Ghanaian’s both women and men have deeply regretted voting for the NDC. As a result of this some Makola women and some businessmen have composed their own music for the NDC’s president after just six month in office. One selection is from Awura Ama’s 1970s song edition (Attah Adaa Daa Yen,! Agye Yen ! Akoku yen!!. ).Meaning Attah Mills and his NDC party have deceived us, to kill us, Attah Mills and his NDC founder sees nothing good on NPP’s economic accomplishment when their party was in opposition. They continued to think they could deceive Ghanaians on the status of our nation’s economy since the nation was broke before they came to office. Ghanaians believe they can assure the NDC founder and Attah Mills that the nation’s currency was (steady), the economy too was on solid ground before they come to office. The nation was not in the hands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) before they come to power, the nation’s economy was based on the spot rate market system, which attracted many foreign investors into the nation’s economy before they came to office. Compare this to their colonist system of sending the nation backwards in the hands of (IMF). The NDC founder, who used a blame game politics; lied to Ghanaians that the NPP administration was making the living conditions unbearable for common people to live; this has come to light as a false political gimmick. The majority of Ghanaians have realized that the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings and Atta Mills uses the unemployment situation deceive Ghanaians that was created by the 19 years of (P) NDC administration which Rawlings created for Ghanaians through his JSS education program that has produced criminals through out the country. Because Rawlings was not able to provide jobs for those who could not continue their high school education and also created unemployment for our teenagers to become criminals. The NDC founder and Mills used the higher crude oil prices; which was $150.00; to slam the NPP during the Kufuor administration. Jerry Rawlings was able to play the ethnic and tribal politics against NPP to influence the masses. This time all the UP/PP/PFP/NPP members across the country are seriously determined to fight back with conviction on NDC’s ethnic political exploitation propaganda. This is a good sign that the NPP is coming back in 2012 to save Ghanaians from the NDC voodoo economics policy.

It’s our obligation as UP members to unite and build a better tradition for the next generation. This is why our ancestors shed their blood; to build this tradition for us to continue their good vision for our nation and the next generation. As we all know currently the NDC founder John Jerry Rawlings who is behind the (BNI) probe on NPP members had personal interest in destroying the UP tradition; which was founded by our ancestors in the 1960’s. Rawlins method is harassing, intimidating and using a negative name-calling and unjust persecution to destroy the traditional image for years come. NPP members should not allow Jerry Rawlings, a high school graduate who has a feeble- mind to continue his stupidity over our tradition. Tony Aidoo a man who is a native from Ashanti Region, a carpet bagger since the (P) NDC regime until now, should not be allowed under any circumstance to talk political nonsense against NPP and our tradition. He is Jerry John Rawlings, a sycophant, who has no future. Now the NPP needs to implements hard line political ideology to stop this Jerry John Rawlings heard on

1. Nananom, ladies and gentlemen, henceforth, the NPP should not allow Jerry John Rawlings to continue his messianic ethnic and tribal politics; which some Ghanaians have assimilated to his criminal ideology against NPP.

2. NPP needs a lot of public relations communication officers (PR) to battle the NDC’s propaganda machines. The duties of these PR’s is to attack the NDC head on with out any hesitation in their responses to NDC negative utterances against the NPP. They are in power they have more media coverage an advantage over us now; we need to attack period.

3. The NPP members across the nation should opens their eyes to NDCs dubious contract awards to themselves which they maneuvered by using fake company names and their extended families members who become overnight contractors and have been awarded contracts without going through the tendering process.

4. The NPP should immediately recruit some private investigators to oversee the activities of the Accounting General Department to monitor the NDC actions in manner they manage the nation resources and handled by the NDC administration. We also need to declare war on NDC on the national issues and inform the public head on. Recently, the majority of Ghanaians knows that Mills is not in charge of policy making but Jerry Rawlings is the one who is calling the shots while John Mahama has disagreed with Rawlings in many of the issues a stake. Ghanaians have begun to call on NPP to come and rescue them. Attah Adaa Daa Yen, Agye Yen! Akoku yen!!. So lets do the right thing for the nation we all love, before we go backwards in 2012. Every one enjoy your summer.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi