NPP be Proactive but not Reactive ...

Thu, 8 Nov 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

.... about the ongoing Rampant power Outage - (Dumso Dumso)

I was not enthusiastic, and will never be, over an answer given by a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to a question posed on the ongoing "Dumso Dumso" in Ghana. The radio phone-in caller enquired what the reaction of the NPP would be should there be a power outage in any part of Ghana or the NPP strongholds on the election day? Would they hold the Electoral Commissioner accountable? The answer the NPP panellist gave was, "the Electoral Commissioner has nothing to do with power outages in the country. Therefore, in an event of power outage (Dumso Dumso) on December 7, 2012, they will rather hold the management of Ghana Electricity Corporation responsible.

Much as I agree with the answer to some extent, I am not at all happy about it. It is not an effective solution to ensuring the NDC with the Electoral Commissioner do not use it to rig the election. Many a Ghanaian knows on which side the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan's bread is buttered, with regard to the elections. From all empirical observations, without prejudice, he supports the cause of the NDC. This is a fact he cannot deny if one drags him before God or any of the strong fetish shrines in Ghana.

From my in-depth wisdom, logic directs me to inform the entire political parties in Ghana, especially the opposition parties, to be more proactive in securing a solution now than later. Being reactive has never been the best way of solving problems. Do the wise men not say, "Prevention is better than cure?"

The opposition parties, especially the NPP, should go to the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, enquire about his views on the outcome of any likely power outage anywhere in Ghana on December 7, 2012. No matter how short the duration of such power outage, it will have an astronomical adverse effect on the voting in that particular area. If the electorates of a particular constituency for the reason of power outage are unable to vote, or unable to complete voting by the deadline of 18:00 hours, what will Dr. Afari-Gyan do? Will he agree to extend the voting time until say, 22:00 hours or will he advise that the affected vote the next day? Will he withhold the announcement of the election results, both parliamentary and presidential until the affected areas have voted? Will he announce the results without waiting for any results from the "Dumso Dumso" affected areas? Will any of the political parties, especially the opposition parties, accept the results as free and fair when their strongholds have suffered severe power outages on the D-Day?

The NDC have resorted to any foul means to win the election even though the odds are against them. Could the recently incessant power outages not a cleverly devised means to obtain their objective? They are doing it frequently so on December 7, 2012 when the power goes off, many may think there is nothing fishy about it because it has been happening for long. The NDC are crooks and are always trying to be one-step ahead of the NPP all in an attempt to rig the election.

Dr. Afari-Gyan should be mindful of his actions. He is partially inclined toward the NDC and all his actions do show. Ghanaians should oblige the Electoral Commissioner not to declare the results until every constituency has voted without a glitch. Ghanaians are sick and tired of corrupt politicians and their entire ilk taking them for fools.

Should we rather decide to hold the Electricity Corporation accountable, then we have given the NDC a blank cheque to rig the election via "Dumso Dumso". The head of Ghana Electricity Corporation would not mind taking a hefty bribe that will last his family for the rest of their life, switch off the electricity in an area or region and get the blame, the sack or whatever. Do not underestimate what human beings are able to do. What is getting a sack compared to a human being wearing an explosive belt, detonating it and killing him or herself? If people can be proud of becoming suicide bombers, then we should not take it lightly the possibility of one accepting bribe to switch off electricity where his or her punishment will only be the sack but not at the cost of his life.

No electricity in any area on election day, no declaration of election results until the electorates of that area have had the chance to vote. This is how proactive I require of Ghanaians. I would not love to see us always reacting to problems or issues after the harm is already done.

I am sorry I could not write it the way I wanted because my mind is fixated on the American presidential election results. I am crouched before my television as the results come through. I cannot wait to see President Obama win. I am having a divided attention now but a saying goes, "a divided attention is never concentrated". The best way I planned to put forward my argument on the "Dumso Dumso" is not how I have presented it tonight. However, you do understand where I am coming from and heading.

See you later.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson