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NPP can make it in 2016 - Part 2

NPP can make it in 2016 - Part 2

Tue, 5 Jul 2016 Source: Kessey, Michael

At this juncture I would like to appeal to the elders of our great party to do all they can to patch all the broken cracks on the wall and do everything possible to bring every member on board most especially the aggrieved ones and by extension those who are supposedly in bed or flirting with the ruling government because Politics is done with numbers and (NPP) cannot afford to lose a single vote on the grounds of unresolved petty squabbles within the rank and file of the Party. In this ground nobody is indispensable and neither any personality is minor or insignificant as far as the Party’s quest to winning the 2016 general election is concern. Winning the 2016 general elections will depend on all of us in the great elephant party and it is about time we unite as one family, one people with a common destiny.

Ghanaians are itching and yearning to have NPP back to power and it is imperative we stand united to battle NDC boot for boot.

The issue of backbiting, Pull him down and egoism has eaten deep into the fabrics of our great party like a canker worm and it is about time we put an end to this unscientific attitude of ours in order to pave the way for peace and unity. For God sake’s, tempers must calm down to draw a peace pipe instead of pursuing the matter in Court. When two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers the most. There is an Akan saying that goes like “Se obi fom kum a won so won fom ndwa”. “Two wrongs they say don’t make one right” and it is about time we forgive one another as the tongue and teeth do fight sometimes and nobody settles their differences how much more we human beings from the same Political womb who can distinguish between good and bad. “Peace” is all NPP needs to 2016 election..

Let us shame the devil and pass the test of time in this crucial moment when we are preparing towards victory 2016. Problems are bound to happen but when it happens we don’t use an axe to solve it but amicable solution is the best way to go rather than washing our dirty linen outside. Let us not allow the sun to fall on our anger and say things that will give our political opponents weapon to fight us. Majority of the suffering masses are worried about this internal wrangling and they will not forgive NPP if we fail to redeem them from the oppressors rule.

My fervent prayer is that the all-knowing God softens the hearts of our leaders to realize the need for all of us to come together as one people, one family with a common destiny to work hand-in-hand towards winning the 2016 general elections with the majority in Parliament. A Philosopher once said “If power is sold, he will sell his mother for it and when he gets power he will use it to get his mother back”. “To err is human and to forgive is divine”. I would want to also appeal to the elders of the party to try their possible best to see to it that the matter concerning the suspension of some members of the executives is settled out of Court so that NDC’s propaganda machinery will break down and they will have absolutely nothing to tell Ghanaians we cannot solve little issues in our own party how much more Ghana.

Let us not forget they also have problems in their party but because they are in power and they are much more interested in retaining power that is why it appears there is no problem in their party. Have we forgotten so soon the same people who have been boasting they believe in democracy prevented a member of their own party from contesting the sitting president who went unchallenged and yet had many members of NDC rejecting him with the no votes to prove to Ghanaians he has performed badly. Today a crocodile in NDC’s sea has come out clear to tell us he will do all his possible best to campaign against NDC because they have failed woefully. He did not end it there, but he also made it clear to the listening public that the man Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as a person, lawyer, politician and presidential candidate has an impeccable track record and he is the right man to protect and defend the national purse from looters of the taxpayers money who have no mercy for suffering masses.

Looking at the current economic hardships coupled with high utility bills one can sense change is underway. Victory 2016 will not be on a silver platter and as such it is bestowed on all of us as party members to work extra hard to clinch power from NDC who had had all the resources at their disposal to make Ghana a better place to live but have woefully failed Ghanaians. We have learnt a greater lesson from the Supreme Court proceedings that elections are won at the polling station and not in Court and vigilance at the various polling stations would be a major key to victory come 2016. We should not be complacent in this upcoming general election because of the fact that Ghanaians are complaining about the current hardships they are facing in the hands of NDC the destroyers who have looked unconcern about their welfare.

What we have to tell the good people of Ghana is that when NDC offers them any gift they should not hesitate at all to collect it because it is their own money they want to give it back to them during the time of elections to lure them in exchange of their sovereignty to them to continue to inflict more hardships on them and their generations to come. We should let the Ghanaian voters understand if the NDC has starved them for eight (8) years and by God’s grace they are still alive then they should utilize this God-sent opportunity well by using the power of their thumb to vote the NDC out like our brothers and sisters in Nigeria did to PDP when their candidate was spreading money and food items in exchange of votes.

We should as a matter of urgency educate the electorates in the rural areas whom our political opponents have been throwing dust into their eyes anytime we are about to go into the general elections. We should tell them the best way to vote NDC out is voting for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and not putting your thumb on JDM’s face means you have voted against him. NPP is coming back to make Ghana work again. All must be part of the victory train. Insha Allah change is coming. Long live NPP.


Columnist: Kessey, Michael