NPP finally turning our education into Anwa Mmo (Oil Rice)

Free Shs Bawumia Akufo Addo President Akufo-Addo and Dr Bawumia at the launch of the Free SHS policy

Sat, 13 Apr 2019 Source: Joseph Yaw Mawunyo

The goal of true education is to teach one to think intensively and critically with the aim of building intelligence and character. This makes education a powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.

I believe every country knows this and are therefore investing in educating its citizens in order to change and build a strong nation. The evidence is seen around the world in countries that have changed and tailored their curricula to the changes and the needs the world faces each day.

But it is a very sad case in Ghana, that policy makers are not only leaving the education system to rot and rob it citizens of the ability to think intensively and critically but are in their own vain playing political games with the system and therefore the future of this country. They only care about who decides without looking at the impact of the decisions.

I recently wrote an article about how the National Patriotic Party is interested in making French the second speaking language and how I think as a country, we are misplacing our objectives. At an age where countries are leading in science, technology and innovation and are therefore benefiting from their investments, my beloved country is interested in teaching not any other language but French. Yeah! Who does that?

As if forcing French down on our children was not enough, they planning to choose courses for university students, a step by the government that I can’t get myself to understand. In the face of all the problems and lapses in our educational system and curricula, I don’t think this should even cross the minds of our policy makers, a kindergarten student should propose this for our policy makers to condemn.

And a committee has been set up for this with the tax payers’ money to look into this whiles the same system put in place to facilitate the process of placing Junior High school students after their completion is doing more harm than good. It is just really sad that our so called leaders are not seeing our curricula to be outdated but are comfortable placing interest in things that make no sense and ends up achieving nothing.

Another aimless thing the Ghana education service is planning to do about our education is to change the school uniform for public schools. I know what you are thinking, ‘that some of our leaders must be really abusing tramadol’. Come to think of it, there are no tables and chairs, we don’t have enough classrooms and some schools are still writing exams questions on black cemented boards with potholes and with this knowledge, we are not ashamed as a country to have a whole education service prioritizing changing school uniforms. What do they seek to achieve with this and at the end, who benefits?

This is what happens when our fundamentals are wrong and our leaders seem not to care and the people keep voting them into power. And I would say this again, “I fear for the future of this country and if to wake up from our ignorance and take matters into our hands and effect the change we all want, we would regret one day”.

This is Jym, rites and I speak for no political party.

Columnist: Joseph Yaw Mawunyo