NPP is Winning Big Time

Fri, 5 Dec 2008 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Ghanaians are frantically preparing to go to the polls on December 7 to elect their President and law makers into whose hands they will entrusttheir well-being for the next four years. The realisation of the danger theNational Democratic Congress otherwise the Nation Destroying Citizenry(NDC) epitomise has dawned on most Ghanaians, making them ever willing toproceed to the polling booths intended to vote both massively and wisely.The power of the thumb which is more thunderous and mightier than thecrackling of any known fire arms will decide the fate of the Notoriously Destructive Citizens (NDC), hurtling them down the path of obscurity intothe abyss of oblivion. The THUMB which is mightier than any known sword,weapon or implement of destruction, will be used to stamp out theintimidation, threats and the vanity of the NDC's selfish life for good.

It is lately only in Ghana that one sees all and sundry panickingfeverishly when national elections are about to take place. It is also inGhana that one hears all declaring indulgence in intercessory prayers forpeaceful elections whenever national elections are coming up. And furtherto that, it is only in Ghana that a history is in the making where a FormerPresident (Flt. Lt J.J.. Rawlings) wields a near-parallel Executive powerto that of the sitting President. My question to all Ghanaians wise andidiotic, sorry to say, is why? Is it not down to the fact that we are neverready to call a spade the spade, but rather pretend it is something elseonly to deceive ourselves in the long run? Most of our present unwarrantedfears emanate from the fact that an individual, in the person of FormerPresident J.J. Rawlings, has been allowed to foolishly hijack the politicsof Ghana to the detriment of all. He has become a tin god worshipped by hishypnotised followers who are trigger happy to do his bidding at any time irrespectiveof how senseless it may be. Is it not hypocritical the call by our pastorsto secure peaceful co-existence between the Ex-President and thesitting-President? Why can't they tell the truant Former President hiscurrent position is as near ordinary citizen like anyone else, but alwaysdo purport he is as powerful as the sitting President? Hence, his deceptiveself pride of still being Mr. Somebody whereas in reality, he is Mr.Nobody. With this despicable Ghanaian mindset of according him equalsuperiority as the current President, he will forever terrorise Ghanaiansinto subjecting to his capricious demands.

Until Ghanaians are able to tell the truth by declaring it boldly beforethe deceiving Human Omnipotent if any, we shall continue to pray at allelections but to no avail. Why at all can't we for once exercise our Godendowed wisdom for our own good? Let us all join efforts and hands togetherto resist the oppressor and he will flee, as the Bible says. The NDC forlack of defensible ideas, issues and policies, are imploding. They arelikely to get impaled on their own iron-wrought pack of lies. I have seenthem inside out, so have you, and they are just worthless empty vesselsmaking the most noise. I have listened and continue to listen to them butthey are unable to convince me. They are unable to engage in any persuasivepolicy debates without suffering their usual intimidatory seizure. Thisthen makes them issue threats upon threats. They do so in the hope offrightening people into voting them into power to avoid being massacred bythem in case they the NDC, go on rampage if they lost the elections.

The NDC is desperate for no apparent reason. Is it just because they are indire need to squander the petrol money likely to accrue to Ghana sooner?Whatever their hidden dreams and agenda are, they will not succeed untilthey campaign on sound policies that can win the minds and hearts ofintelligent Ghanaians to them. Enough with that tactical AFRC/PNDC fearsthat psychologically turned bold men into cowards and made them far worsethan women of the weaker sex some time back. Issuance of threats will notwin them my vote; neither will it win them yours. And gone are thedays when they could intimidate people with impunity. That intimidating brolly with which they covered the entire nation subjugatingall into cowards has been blown over and away by the mighty wind of the NPPfor good by the grace of God Almighty.

The NPP which is far more articulate on their noble policies will win theseupcoming elections hands down. But mind you, there should be no complacencyon the part of the winning ELEPHANT until the battle is won.. All NPPsupporters are vigorously to continue with their sensible campaigning,knocking on doors and visiting voters in their homes with the good messageto elect Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo as the next President of Ghana. Foreverything better, it is NPP. To ensure the continuity of the enjoyment ofundented basic human rights and democratic freedoms, vote for the NPP.The NPP by hard work and humane campaigning is destined to win theelections at "one touch". The NDC can weep their eyes out with tears ofcrimson trickling down their cheek in beads, tamping their foot and issuingall the threats in the world they can think of, they are going to lose BIGTIME. My colleague Mr. Adomako Mensah, a staunch activist of the NDC is toget his handkerchiefs ready to dab the tears of his eyes comes December 7, 2008.This is a prophetic admonition.

Rockson Adofo, London

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson