NPP is a party of 'everything goes'

NPP Flag Clean File photo

Mon, 23 May 2016 Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo

Indira Gandhi said that "I suppose that leadership at one time meant muscles, but today it means getting along with people

The NPP is a party of "everything goes". There is no moral parameter of eligibility for NPP membership. So long as you can help in winning elections in your area, just walk through the door. It does not matter if you are a convict, murderer, sponsor of terrorism and crimes against humanity. Come to NPP. You are welcome to the Elephant.

The day the opposition tones down desperation and puts away deceptive regional calculations to build a nationally relevant political platform, they will become far more competitive. Up till now, the opposition has shown it is not relevant to the Minorities.

"Stupidity is when"

When you assault your own NPP MP from Manhyia north and when u get arrested by the police your followers including party leaders besiege the police station then accuse the President, NDC, and the president’s brother Ibrahim of his arrest.

How on earth?

Our elders say that; to count your teeth with your tongue does not mean you are losing any. It means you should watch your steps and reflect on what may have happened and is happening. It's time for Ghanaians to sit up and tell Dr Bawumai to stop these acts of sustainable self-destruction. The ear that won't hear, when the head is cut off, it goes as well.

Any political party that is irrelevant to the Minorities will never win the presidency. And any political party that has strong religious, ethnic and regional outlook will never become relevant to the Minorities. Those who have ears let them hear.

While the opposition has been desperate to snatch power from the NDC, the ruling party has also responded with Accounting to the people in terms of quality delivery and accelerated pace in infrastructure development.

I love this man, President Mahama because when he goes there he didn’t hesitate to associate with the average person in this country. Bringing new dimension in Ghana politics, the average man has a say in Ghana.

Like President Mahama is doing the truth is that we all have to avoid barking too much but start biting. This present darkness was gradually eating up the heart of Ghana and must be brought to an end. Gradually we are getting there.

To turn on the light in those dark parts of our brains, we should start be becoming all embracing, responsive and most importantly have to rise above ethnocentric mentality in Ghanaian political arena...”

To get along with people, President Mahama has started opening the hearts once more. The hearts of the youth and indeed all Ghanaians has to be opened for all of us to experience real change as a way of inspiring the next generation

The opposition NPP have fared far worse. Today, the opposition parties have always demonstrated uncommon desperation to grab power from NDC. These have not produced desired results and may never do so because they are up against a non-ethnic or religion, or region-tied nationally spread ruling party.

Power is the name of the game in our renascent democracy. The lust for power has bleached both NNP and CPP of any unique identity. NPP is open to all sorts’ questionable characters of politicians. In fact, if you are in NDC you are a thief, rogue and robber. But once you cross into NPP, you become a "progressive" (they pronounce it as PRO-gressive).

Ideal democracy is always a game of majority rule and minority rights. Anything short of that is a scam. It is bound to end in tears, sorrow and blood for someone.

Moreover, the NPP needs to realise that for the NPP to fly a Nana/Bawumia ticket in 2016 is to effectively confine them to the political dustbin. By fielding the duo, the NPP is saying it has no faith in Nanas ability to have any impact on its electoral fortunes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political divide, the NDC has a healthy mix of capable and competent Christians and Muslims in its executive body and as senior officials in the Government which is controlled by the party.

Columnist: Maxwell Okamafo Addo