NPP resolutely Unfazed about the Investiture of John Mahama

Fri, 11 Jan 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Hurrah! Today is the investiture of President-elect John Dramani Mahama as the intended President of Ghana for the next four years. Many are those that are very jittery about his swearing-in whilst a Supreme Court petition is pending against him regarding the legitimacy of his election.

I will appeal to the NPP and that multitude of Ghanaians who voted for a genuine change of government and direction of affairs, but now feel short-changed not to be agitated. They should not lose a minute sleep or have sleepless nights over Mahama's swearing in as the next President of Ghana. His investiture today, Monday 7 January 2013, does not in any way negate or compromise the petition at the Supreme Court instituted by the NPP against John Mahama and the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.

I assure the NPP and all those discerning Ghanaians that voted for a positive change but now find their winning-verdict stolen from them to have absolute faith in God and in the Supreme Court. Their wish will eventually come to pass no matter what deceptive and intimidating methods Afari-Gyan and the NDC employ. All that the NPP and those who voted with the intention to rid Ghana of the insatiably greedy, corrupt and incompetent NDC have to do is to remain RESOLUTE in their quest to ensure justice prevails in the end.

As revealed to Kofi Basoah of Asante-Juaben in his dream two weeks to the Election Day (7 December 2012), an Invisible Being asked him to inform the NPP to be resolute. This was when that Invisible and Invincible Being had ascertained the declaration of the election in favour of Mahama was the outcome of irregularities, manipulations and fraud. The only effective weapon able to bring the NDC, Kwadwo Afari-Gyan and John Mahama to their shameful knees is how resolutely determined the NPP are to ensuring the whole truth about the election rigged for Mahama comes out to bite him.

The fact that former President John Agyekum Kufuor attends Mahama's investiture to the office of the Presidency does not rectify or make right the illegitimacy of his position. The Supreme Court will also not be rendered less able to investigate the charge of rampant fraud that took place at the elections in favour of John Mahama and the NDC. The Supreme Court is bound to pronounce judgment based on the availability, and the credibility, of evidence produced by the petitioners.

I know with certainty, as less corrupt NDC faithful will confirm, that, they rigged the election. A few NDC persons trying to be decent have started confiding in their friends that although they have been rigging elections since 1992, that of December 7, 2012 has exposed their fraudulence beyond redemption and hence, given them extreme headaches. Their heads are now spinning on their neck making them feel dizzy, unsure about the outcome of the court case and hence, cringing.

NPP can win both the battle and the war to overturn the election results provided they would remain RESOLUTE in their pursuit for JUSTICE, the only demand that the Invisible Being with audible voice requested. To do as requested does not amount to any invincible difficulty. I therefore, entreat all credible men and women of integrity who seek prosperity for Ghana and Ghanaians to rally support for unearthing the truth about Election 2012.

God willing, Mahama and all those crooks surrounding him will be exposed, divested and forced to apologise to Ghanaians. For power, they have gone to the extreme to rig the elections, denying the majority of Ghanaians of their heart desire.

"I am not interested in power for power's sake, but I'm interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good" said, Martin Luther King, Jr.


Columnist: Adofo, Rockson