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NPP’s Free Education. What’s the “Catch?”

NPP’s Free Senior High School Education. What’s the “Catch?”

The NPP has maintained their only campaign message, and that is to give every Ghanaian child Free Senior High School Education, but what is the “catch”? Two important questions that concerned Ghanaians should be asking are, would it be possible to start this huge program in September 2013 as it’s being promised, and how is it going to be implemented?

Well, at long last the “catch” has been revealed. Nana Akuffo Addo himself revealed the “catch” but he did not care because he knew those “ignorant” will not know it. So what does “catch” mean? It means hiding a bad secret from someone if selling or giving something to that person will not benefit him or her. In other words, you don’t want the person to know that what you are selling or giving to him will not benefit him or you can’t even deliver that thing. For example, on the open market, a 2013 Toyota Accord is being sold for Ghc 20,000. You went to a friend and told him that you have a 2013 Toyota Accord and would like to sell it to him for GHc 1,000. He right away got to know that the car is cheap or “free” and signs you a cheque for GHc 1,000. You know that the engine in the car will last your friend only three months and he will either find a new engine or a new car. The “catch” here is that you knew the engine is old and bad but you didn’t tell that to your friend. Your friend thought he bought a cheap but good car, only to realize three months down the road that he bought a new car with a bad old engine.

Now did you hear Nana Akuffo Addo at the IEA Presidential Debate argued that he concedes that the 1992 Constitution has provided that every new government in two years must submit its programs for parliamentary approval? He continued that he thinks that provision delays implementation of development projects. Did you also hear Nana indicated that the NPP would not wait for the two years, but would straight forward start to implement what it has proposed in its manifesto? That is the “catch” right there.

I am bringing your attention unto something. Do you now see why the Free Senior High School Education cannot be implemented by the NPP in September 2013? Only the “ignorant” still see that it can be implemented. Wait a minute! A government has two years to submit its proposal to parliament for approval, but the rule of law party will not wait for parliament’s approval for anything? NPP will just go ahead and implement what is in their manifesto whether parliament (in other words, Ghanaians) approves them or not? This man and his party are dangerous to our democracy. Or course, the ignorant, (quoting Dr. Mensah Otabil) will still argue, fight and die for him.

The NPP’s Free Senior High School Education will start in September 2013; meanwhile, Nana Akuffo Addo would be sworn-in January 2013. The 1992 Constitution has provided that every new government in two years must submit its programs for parliamentary approval. Do you see why Nana was quick to say that but the NPP would not wait for the two years, but would straight forward start to implement its proposed manifesto? Let me tell you the truth my friend, the implementation of the Free Senior High School program in September 2013 is a hoax and a simple flat lie. You do the math.

The NDC in 2008 had its big campaign message of creating two Universities within four years. If the NDC could start straight forward to implement those proposals in its manifesto, it would not have waited three years before parliament passed the law mandating them to establish the two Universities in Brong Ahafo and Volta regions; the NDC again in 2008 had the impetus to vigorously broaden and expand our Nations Health Care Scheme for the benefit of all Ghanaians but it has to wait for three and half years for parliament to pass the National Insurance Bill. Couldn’t the NDC moved straight forward to implement the one term health insurance premium and built three or more Universities?

Nana Akuffo Addo has revealed the “catch” in his Free Senior High School Education, and it is that he cannot implement it in September 2013, unless he moves quickly to throw away the 1992 Constitution. He wants to win your vote, only to turn around and tell you in plain simple language why the constitution did not allow him to implement his education policy. Whether you will allow him to do that to you or not, the decision would be with you on December 7, 2012. For you not to be amongst the “ignorant” on the Election Day, please vote for President John Mahama and the NDC for affordable, accessible and quality education for a Better Ghana.

“NPP left a big mess for the NDC. They think the NDC is not cleaning it fast enough and so they want to come back and continue with the same mess. Ghana is not going back again. Ghana is moving forward.”

Lawrence Appiah-osei

NDC USA Finance Secretary


Columnist: Appiah-Osei, Lawrence