NPP's Understanding of Democracy Depicting Dangerous Weaknesses

Sun, 31 Dec 2006 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As there are always two sides to the coin, so are always two sides to a story. Democracy also has in the same manner both advantages and disadvantages. In any society of rational beings, we normally logically go for what is best in the interest of the majority of their citizenry. Hence, the advantages tipping the balance of democracy in their favour are very appealing to Ghanaians as determinant for choosing democratic way of governance.

Whether democracy is a concoction or a bitter pill forced down our unwilling throat as once purported by JJ Rawlings, we have come to embrace this Whiteman's medicinal prescription without question, very usual with Ghanaians and probably the entire Africans, with all our hearts, minds and soul. We therefore need to abide by its tenets as best as we can.

President Kufour is all ears to the few voracious cronies but ears waxed-deaf to the suffering masses that voted him to power. He is sadly quite opposite to expectation, lopsidedly inclined to hearing the fabrication of lies, the very opposite to the daily reality on the ground, by the few he confides in and trusts. These few ensuring their proximity to the President in the hope of maintaining their status quo to milk "the udders of the cow" (Ghana) dry, always tell him all is well whereas the hardships, complete poverty, unemployment coupled with official corruption are a concern to bubble up anger.

A Ghana High Court judge, Mrs. Justice Patricia Ackah-Yensu, has the cheek to blame the allegations of corruptions within the government on the dispensation of democracy. She asserted without shame in an interview on a BBC documentary on Africa by George Aligiah viewed on Friday, 8th July 2005 in the UK, that, now under the NPP government, people are enjoying the rule of law with the concomitant freedoms to talk whatever without the slightest intimidation hence, the public flare of corruption outbursts. She seemed to imply that the rate of allegations of corruption is unfounded, just the people's imagination, infatuation with democracy that is making them go loose mouth, for all these years, crying wolf where there is none in sight. Thus, to her, the daily allegations of corruptions within the government are just fabrication of stories to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the NPP government. What a disservice to Ghananians, the President and the NPP, in deed?

Who in Ghana does not know that most, if not all, of the government functionaries are corrupt? Who does not know that the Judiciary of which our learned Justice Ackah-Yensu belongs is overflowing with stinking corruption of which my personal encounters can be cited as proofs? It really hurts to see people lie between their teeth in the face of stark evidence to the contrary. Anyway, it is nothing new to me in our society where the evil always emerges triumphant in a duel with good. But it will be a defeatist idea should we by inaction, accept it for a fact and let things carry on the way they are. There should be a change for the better!

I find it hard to understand why on earth some Ghanaians cannot tell simple truths, accept their shortcomings to better upon their past. If you are at the bottom of the ladder, but deceitfully believe to be on the top rung, then I am afraid; you cannot climb any further up but rather climb down. Why cannot those entrusted with power acknowledge their faults and shortcomings when confronted with, and then seek remedial assistance by backtracking to the point where they got it wrong to redirect towards the right track?

Democracy does not denote weakness and visionlessness on the part of our President and the ruling NPP hierarchy to the point of insecurity, lawlessness and official corruption becoming cardinal towers of the day as currently prevalent in Ghana. Are these attributes also part of democracy?

Our current government is taking an undue advantage of the fact that the atrocious past of the PNDC/NDC coupled with the unsightly megalomania of Rawlings are still fresh in the memories of Ghanaians to warrant the NDC's defeat at any elections for the foreseeable future. Should this be the thinking of the NPP, then I am afraid they are living in the fool's paradise. They should read about the causes of the demise of Lionel Jospin, the once popular French Socialist Party Premier, the surge in popularity of the racist Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front and the current boost in popularity of the French Interior Minister Sarkorzy guaranteeing him a 100% chance of becoming the next French President come the year 2007 elections. In brief, though Jospin a shrewd politician, was weak enforcing security matters thinking it would affect adversely the immigrant population who then capitalised on this weakness to inflict savagery, robbery and carved "no-go" zones in Paris. The French people became so frightened and insecure that they never hesitated to boot him out of office by preferring the despicable Le Pen who is internationally known to be an unacceptable dangerous racist nationalist politician, but who was actually the pillar of their aspirations and expectations in reality. He was only stopped in his tracks for winning the second round of the Presidential elections by all the other political parties rallying behind the sitting President Jacques Chirac to outdo Le Pen.

The current French Interior Minister by stealing and implementing almost all the policies and ideas as professed by Le Pen, has endeared him to the electorates and surely, will win the impending French Presidential elections either on the ticket of his party or as an independent candidate. The secret lies in the fact that he has brought about security to the people which was found missing under the administration of Jospin. He is arresting, imprisoning or deporting criminals to their home countries as well as getting the Police and the soldiers when necessary, onto the streets.

What do we see in Ghana of today? Unprecedented armed robbery never seen in the annals of government, unduly encouraged by the corrupt Judiciary taking bribes and constantly postponing cases brought before them thereby emboldening these robbers as if tomorrow will never come. These vices are in the ascendancy all in the name of misapplied democracy, the warped understanding of our leaders about the Rule of law where the armed robber is innocent even with a human head in hand, until proven guilty by our failed justice system.

I will never be surprised to see the murderous NDC sooner back to power with Rawlings the "show boy" directing affairs should the lackadaisical NPP and the world-touring President with bowl in hand soliciting alms, not tackle the pressing insecurity and corruption issues in Ghana.

Is President Kufour not giving a field day to the armed robbers in March 2007 during the Independence Golden Jubilee all in the name of democracy and the rule of law? NPP, get tough with the application of the law, punish the armed robbers, sack the corrupt judges, and get our soldiers on the beat to kick out the armed robbery from the society.

A word to the wise is sufficient!

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson