NPP's chickens come home to roost: Armageddon looms

Wed, 26 Dec 2012 Source: Bokor, Michael J. K.

By Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor

Monday, December 24, 2012

After basking in the accolade given him by his followers as a “legal luminary,” the day is gradually dawning for Akufo-Addo to prove that mettle. Will he go to the Supreme Court and stop this trial in the mass media or not?

Here is a pointed observation by a friend: Since 2009, he has embarked on a “Thank You” tour, “Listening” tour, “Hope Restoration” tour, “Free SHS” campaign tour, “Demonstration” tour and is currently going on a “Going to Court Announcement” tour. My friend concludes that “I hope from the Supreme Court, he will summons the NDC to Antoa Nyama.” Interesting times ahead.

The 21-day window of opportunity for the NPP is narrowing and utterances from the party’s inner circles are still not clear on what the defeated Akufo-Addo and his gang are up to. Some have been quick to describe the intended court action as a ploy or a “419” scam. I won't call it so because the party’s leaders/followers (just like every Ghanaian) have every right to go to court to seek redress.

What I have detected so far is that the leaders know that they have an uphill task and are just making pronouncements to either satisfy themselves and their supporters or to seek public sympathy. Let them stop hesitating and proceed to court as threatened. We all want to know what they think they know that we don't know.

We have heard something new to comment on. Here we go, then:


“I intend to avail myself of these provisions to mount such a challenge. Having regard to the upcoming Christmas holidays, I would, therefore, be grateful if you could promptly confirm to me that the Registry of the Supreme Court will be opened on 27th, 28th and 31st December, 2012, which are normal working days within the statutory period…” (Akufo-Addo, in a letter he personally signed on December 18, to the registrar of the highest court of the land, James Mensah, and copied to Judicial Secretary Justice Alex Poku-Acheampong, titled ‘Re: The Supreme Court (Amendment) Rules, 2012 (CI 74)’).

MY COMMENTS: Mere formality which could have been undertaken by simple telephone call or in-person contact; but knowing very well how “bookish” he would want to sound, he chose this approach of a formal letter so he can turn round to massage the party’s followers that he is bent on fighting the case in court.


“We are reviewing our evidence and we will be in court any day between now and the 31st of December… She further assured Ghanaians of landslide legal victory when the party finally appears in court… Our confidence is that we have a strong case to present otherwise we wouldn’t border at all, we will not trifle with the politics and democracy of this country if indeed we have no evidence to support our challenge.” Chairperson for the New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) legal team, Madam Gloria Akuffo, speaking to Citi News in an exclusive interview).

MY COMMENTS: Consider her statement on “landslide legal victory” and dismiss it as a mere self-gratifying assurance. Landslide victories are won at the elections, not at the courts. She is reminded that if anything at all, it could be a “landmark victory”; but I don’t see it as a possibility.


“In my judgment if after reviewing the evidence, which the party is doing now, we come to the conclusion that the evidence is substantive enough so that it will either overturn the election or lead to a re-vote then we should go to court… The party will not go to court if the evidence is weak.” (Dr. Arthur Kennedy, in an interview with XYZ News).

MY COMMENTS: The operational word in Arthur Kennedy’s case on whether the NPP will go to court or not is “IF” (after studying the evidence). Hesitation abounds here!

All in all, the NPP is just blowing hot air. The road to the Supreme Court is really WIDE, not narrow. Instead of boring us with all these fits-and-starts, they should just proceed there to set the legal ball rolling. But they won’t, not having chosen to beat about the bush and use their mouthpiece (The Daily (Mis)Guide) to churn out more lies:

That the EC has changed the results of the elections. Ignorant trouble makers at the Newspaper. Do they not know the difference between PROVISIONAL results and the OFFICIAL CERTIFIED results? Afari Gyan’s EC gazette President Mahama on the basis of the CERTIFIED results, not the PROVISIONAL ones.

No more crying wolf in the mass media. They should go to court to fight their case!! The NPP has the onerous responsibility to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubts. That's the more reason why we should leave that burden for them to carry.

Obviously, the NPP leaders have refused to concede defeat because they have been overtaken by reality at the polls and have now caught up with it to their dismay and chagrin. Their hopes have been dashed beyond repair; hence, their dogged rejection of what is obviously their Armageddon, right?

I hear the immediate family of Akufo-Addo have begun a prayer and fasting session to seek God’s intervention in the court case that he intends to pursue for a reversal of his sad fate. We can tell from what is happening that God deserted Akufo-Addo long ago; that is, if he has ever even been with him. Calling on God only when one is in need of such a high office is an act of impunity and disrespect that will be punished.

He did more than this family comedy of prayer-and-fasting only to be dodged by the hand of God at the polls. Is it now that the matter is to be pushed into the judicial maze of technicalities and uncertainties that God will step in to redeem him? Of course, God works in miraculous ways (or as we used to say in Latin, “Mira sunt opera Dei,” meaning “Wonderful are the works of God”). But God will be well disposed toward performing wonders for the penitent and submissive person, not the arrogant and self-serving politicians howling all over the place for attention and the people’s mandate to lord it over them.

No amount of praying and fasting will redeem his lost chance. We all can fast and pray, but we can’t be sure that what we are doing will catalyze God's response not can we be sure what that response will be. I have already condemned the misuse of religion for such weird political purposes and won't go on with that issue. Suffice it to say that those who will become kings in life are usually known in their young days. As Chinua Achebe says, the chick that will become a cock is noticed the very day it is hatched.

Akufo-Addo isn’t Ghanaians’ choice for President and he should have known and recanted by now. But he is still being arrogant, mischievous, and contemptible. His game plan is to create confusion, but there is an end to all that. Let him proceed to court and be shamed as well. Then, if he goes out of control to step up the game of mischief, he will be dealt with decisively. He has no blank cheque to hold Ghanaians captive.

Sadly enough, Akufo-Addo faces a bleak political future, which will be similar to what befell Adu Boahen. After he had lost the 1992 elections, the NPP abandoned him to his fate. Adu Boahen went into plantain farming saomewhere in the Western Region after that, later contracted stroke, was not visited even once by Kufuor, his wife and children fought over his property even when he was bed-ridden, and he died unsung. Akufo-Addo will soon be part of that sordid “Mate me ho” vicious politics. Probably that is why he is refusing “to die” alone but wants to drag all of them along with him.

The Armageddon beckons. Only six days more to go. We will see those who have the courage to take on the millions of Ghanaians who rejected them at the polls but are now seeking redemption in the technicalities of the ass that the law is. Elections are won at the polls, not in the chambers of the Supreme Court. Probably, he hopes to establish his rule in those chambers. Good job, Mr. Legal Luminary!!

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Columnist: Bokor, Michael J. K.