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NPP still in the Axis of Evil Plot

NPP still in the Axis of Evil Plot against JM, the Noiseless Achiever

By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

All attempts by some opposition leaders and their compatriots to destroy President John Dramani Mahama through their Axis of Evil agenda have been crushed, and they would soon bow down their heads in shame.

Currently in Ghana, any time that someone is arrested with drugs – either in the country or elsewhere around the world – the suspect is forcefully linked to President Mahama.

What we are gradually seeing is a desperate effort by the opposition NPP to link President Mahama on recent reports of a 32-year old Nayeli Ametefeh – who was busted at the Heathrow Airport in London for carrying cocaine. The NPP are insisting the suspect was traveling on a Ghanaian Diplomatic passport and is a friend of the President, even when facts have emerged that these allegations were false.

First, Communications Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, while confirming the arrest of the Ghanaian woman at Heathrow Airport, denied she is acquainted with the First Family.

“The lady was allegedly carrying cocaine weighing 12.5kg with a street value of £3.5 million or $5 million and charged with attempting to import the class A drug to the UK and was traveling on an Austria Passport with number P4187659 and not even a Ghana Passport

Again, the United Kingdom High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has confirmed that the Ghanaian lady arrested in London on suspicion of carrying narcotic drugs was not holding diplomatic passport at the time of her arrest.

In spite of all these facts, the NPP still want to tag President Mahama with the drug courier.

Clearly, this is a ploy by some opposition members to tag Mr. President out of envy and want to do everything possible to run him down

But for those who don’t know Mr. John Dramani Mahama, the president is a naturally quiet and humble personality and would not be moved by such naked and fake propaganda.

The man President John Mahama, as I know him, is a workaholic man who shares a lot with the termites. So, the dust that they are throwing at him would not wash and would not be moved by people with such agendas to destroy him

As indicated earlier, JM – as I would describe him – is like a termite. People often wake up in the morning to see the magnificent and aesthetic anthill built overnight by termites. When termites are building or constructing the anthills, nobody sees them; nobody hears their noise. As a matter of fact, they don’t make noise when building; neither do they make noise after they had built anthills. This is exactly who President John Mahma is. He is a silent achiever. He works and achieves without making any noise or fuss. He is a noiseless achiever.

I have had the opportunity to traverse the length and breadth of this country; and my finding is that most Ghanaians love President Mahama. They also appreciate his numerous achievements. In fact, I have been in some places where Ghanaians who didn’t know me, commended the president. Some of them noted that, in spite of the many obstacles put on his ways, the president is still able to perform remarkably in the area of infrastructure development.

As Ghanaians, we know that there are some people you cannot please, no matter what you do to make them happy or comfortable. This group of people would always find faults in whatever the president does. They are found in the fold of the opposition parties like the NPP.

You may not blame those desperately trying to pull him down because they are in the business of seeking power. So, they have to play politics with every issue no matter how little or insignificant.

It is however unfair for opposition elements not to have the honour to give credit where the president has clearly made marks. This kind of opposition politics is un-helpful and unhealthy for democracy and the development of the country. It is nothing but an extremely intolerant politics. This is not how opposition politics is played in other countries. Opposition politics – the way it is played in other countries – is constructive and is for nation building, not pulling down the nation as the NPP is currently doing

Some of them wish of a possible breakup of Ghana through their evil agenda from their evil men and women who do not wish Ghana and Ghanaians well. Whether foreign or local, those behind the evil prayer are not only selfish; they are cannibals who live on the blood of innocent people, whether as arms dealers or local emperors.

The pleasant thing is that Ghanaians are getting wiser by the day. They now know how to sift real iron from dross.

What the NPP is doing is making the NDC more resolved and committed to implement its reform agenda; maintain her internal democracy, and accelerate the pace of her development projects. As predicted, the NPP is falling like a pack of cards with serious division in the party but NDC is gathering momentum like never before.

The NPP currently is bereft of any progressive ideology and has ultimately strengthened NDC’s position to extend its rule beyond 2020.NPP peddles vicious and repugnant propaganda and Ghanaians now know the direction and thrust of the so called opposition

Ab initio, NPP is a political party of strange bedfellows. As a political party, NPP was founded on the basis of vengeful and un-democratic ideals namely to grab political power, they now reads the book of lamentation.

Whatever President Mahama does would never please them. They would always want to destroy him and crucify good governance under President Mahama on the altar of greed, avarice, and bring back the centrifugal forces of instability in our body polity.

Currently, what we have in Ghana is not, indeed, a political party operating in opposition but an amalgam of self-seeking marauders that seek to scavenge the nation and to keep it lying prostrate. Currently, the NPP is akin to a blind man helping a toddler to cross a busy road.

But the NPP itself is divided and in turmoil over internal bickering. Verily, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. That is why NPP is a wobbling tripod seated on religious parochialism, economic opportunism and hate as we see some of their faithful pastors hiding in designer cassocks and castigating President Mahama with their hate speeches, together with their unguarded utterances,

NPP is a Party that lacks a sense of integrating Ghana like the NDC is doing, devoid, as it were of any political ideology. The characters in NPP are mostly people with decapitated and gangrenous, corrupt, inept and profligate records obfuscated by delusive ideology of power for its own sake in a Machiavellian sense.

President John Dramani Mahama we support your administration. Keep on Working


Columnist: Addo, Maxwell Okamafo

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