NPP to Fight NDC Boot for Boot and Bumper to Bumper

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The Elephant that Ghanaians chased into the bush barely three years ago, has regained consciousness and its sense of directional bearing. It is now wide-awake from what was a deep slumber, then backtracking from the wild into its once urban domestication. It is coming back home with the absolute intent to assert its God-endowed glorious overpowering status among its co-equals. This time around, it will not lower its guard to allow anyone to overtake it by unforeseen circumstances as it was almost three years ago. It has its eyes, ears and nose wide open to detect any slightest dodgy movement by its predators, be they crabs or whatever. It will use its sheer weight to bulldoze through the camp of its rivals to signal to would-be enemies with distractors alike that he is rather the King of the Jungle but not the acclaimed foxy Lion. Hurrah!

The NPP, hereby known by its party emblem and slogan as "Osono Kukrudu" (Great Elephant) have determined to be on positive track to wrench power from the NDC come 2012 elections. They have learnt their lesson well during all this period of waiting in political relegation or hibernation as the Opposition Party or the Minority Party in parliament. Mind you, Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Reader, the NPP will not resort to intimidation, lies, propaganda or any form of absurd and deceiving tactics during the campaign to win the minds and souls of the Ghanaian electorates. They will rather tell Ghanaians what they may do and are capable of doing. The choice will then be for Ghanaians to make.

There will be no more politicization of the Ghana Police Force under a future NPP administration headed by Mr. "Obuggie" Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo. There will no longer be the threat of being arrested anyhow under what is, "Causing Fear, Panic and Alarm in public" as is unfortunately in perpetuation under Mills, and being used as an effective weapon by the NDC administration to coerce her opponents into submission. There will be no more acts of deliberate attempts to unite the chiefs of an entire region against other political parties by pulling their legs with the assurances of sourcing heavy loans to develop their region. Atta Mills has done this with Western Region in relation to the $3 Billion Chinese loan. The timing of the acquisition of the loan was dubious as it was intricate. President Mills had intended to portray the NPP in bad light even though the NDC was in the wrong. There will be no more bloating of contract costs to crawl back 10% into the party's kitty. There will be no more dubious seizure of cars to distribute among party faithful as done by Car Wilson for the NDC.

The NPP will campaign on achievable policy manifesto. NPP will re-introduce sanity into Ghana politics, the one unique character of democratic dispensation well cherished by many, but sorrowfully missing under the confused NDC;s "team B" administration. Politics of insults, distractions and coercion will be history under the able leadership of "Old man Obuggie" Nana Akuffo-Addo, the Great Son of Akyem who drinks the water of river Birim. He will deal armed robbers a knockout blow without mercy. Armed robbery will die artificial death within weeks of Nana Akuffo-Addo taking over the reins of government from the squeaking-screeching Atta Mills' NDC government. I will personally be the policy adviser to Nana Akuffo-Addo when it comes to eradicating armed robbery from Ghana. I will draw from my fountain of wisdom and experience, the strategy to bury armed robbery in Ghana within days of Nana Addo assuming the presidency of Ghana. I will ensure the implementation of my harsh strategy will suffocate armed robbery hence, the canker dying artificial, but not natural death. I will put my head on the block to assure Ghanaians that Nana Addo will exterminate the canker called armed robbery from Ghana. We shall use drastic measures to wipe the slate clean of armed robbery come what may. Do we not often resort to evil means to solve our evil problems? Why should we not then treat armed robbery with all the scorn and lethal blows it deserves?

Much as colour is not a barrier to success in the Whiteman's land despite the often-noisy allegations of racism we make, so also is old age not a deterrence to one becoming a successful President. Age is just a number where one is healthy, physically strong, mentally sound and morally upright.

There should be no room for a puppet President. Anyone who thinks keeping mute is the best requirement of good leadership even when his subordinates are ransacking the coffers of the country or committing repugnant acts with impunity is not fit to be the President of Ghana. "Tofiakwa"!

There is not going to be any physical fight between the NDC and the NPP so please do not get me wrong. There is rather going to be propositions of policies, defence of policies and explanations on presented party manifesto. Whoever convinces the public based on their record of accomplishment wins? The NDC will surely have no legs to stand on judging from their decrepit track and current record. However, this does not mean the NPP has all the time in the world to sleep on the oars without doing door-to-door campaigning. They should be careful or else, eventual surprises will cloud their success. The policies on how we can salvage the nation from its socio-economic downward trend will be the effective weapon to wield. NPP has this weapon handy. This assertion is a fact but not any delusion.

Kumawu constituency is up for grabs come 2012 elections. Some NPP activists for their own selfish or gratuitous aspirations are stealthily decamping to the NDC. Whatever the case, the battle for the seat will be fought among three alumni of Kumawu Tweneboah Koduah Secondary School in the order of NPP, NDC and an Independent Candidate. The fight will not be easy but the Independent candidate will stand the tallest, emerging victorious, whatever the situation.

Stay tuned for the details.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson