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NPP will lose the impending Kumawu constituency parliamentary by-election IF….

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Mon, 17 Apr 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

Reliable information reaching me in the comfort zone of my London abode from Kumawu indicates that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is bound, or risks, to lose the Kumawu constituency parliamentary by-election to be held following the demise of Philip Basoah (Hon), the late member of parliament for the constituency.

Many a constituent is peeved about the concerted mistreatment of Philip Basoah by the supposedly opinion leaders in the constituency and some regional and national leaders, unfortunately, including the president himself. Therefore, they have vowed to punish the NPP to prove to them that they cannot take Kumawu constituents for fools all the time.

The only way they can prove to NPP that power resides with the people but not any single person, body or intimidating machinery is to vote against any candidate they present that is not the popular choice of the masses but imposed on them.

I have learnt that many a constituent is in favour of a certain man from Kumawu-Bodomase. However, the leaders of the NPP are as usual scheming to impose one of the conspicuously covertly or overtly saboteurs of the now deceased member of parliament, Philip Basoah, on the constituents.

On the Saturday preceding, the Friday of Basoah laying comatose to culminate in his death on the next Monday, one of his openly saboteurs was alleged to have dressed him down on a funeral grounds for no justification. This happened when Philip had called there to condole with the bereaved family as is required by tradition.

Although I was personally in Kumawu on that fateful day attending another funeral at Etia in haste, I did not get wind of any such incident, but only to hear about it later.

The constituents have decided to vote massively for the guy from Bodomase if he were presented by NPP, being the masses’ choice, or they will vote for one Mr. Kwaku Duah who stood as independent candidate in the constituency during election 2020 and was almost neck and neck with Philip Basoah, the NPP candidate.

Now, Kwaku Duah who is understood to be coming down from the USA to contest the by-election still as an independent candidate stands the chance of winning the election this time around, should the NPP make their usual obstinate mistake of imposing their favourites but not the choice of the people, on the constituents.

Either the NPP persuade Kwaku Duah to stand for them, or they present the man from Bodomase, they will surely lose the by-election, failing to do as recommended.

They should take a lesson from how embittered the massive supporters of Philip Basoah are and their subsequent resolute determination to prevent his saboteurs from attending his family home to express their condolences to the bereaved family. This is a clear indication of how they will campaign to vote en masse for anyone that will stand against any saboteur of Philip Basoah as NPP will present on their ticket to contest the by-election.

Will NPP be as stupid as usual to try to impose a candidate of their choice on the constituency rather than a favourite of the constituents? Have they not learnt any bitter lessons from the bloody nose they suffered acting that foolishly once in Bekwai constituency and at another in Fomena constituency in Ashanti region against Joseph Osei-Owusu (2008) and Andrew Asiamah Amoako (2020), respectively?

The constituents will not allow themselves to be fooled anymore by the NPP and their insatiably greedy, selfish and corrupt local NPP Executives presenting themselves as opinion leaders. Opinion leaders my foot!

I have alerted NPP leaders to what is cooking and it is up to them to take a sane decision by going for either the Bodomase man or Kwaku Duah but not anyone else.

I am a member of NPP but I don’t support their nonsense of imposing their friends and family members on constituents when it comes to elections, contrary to the preferences of the constituents.

The people of Akwatia constituency had preferred Mercy Adu Gyamfi (Ama Sey), the semi-illiterate to the highly literate opponent during NPP primaries held for election 2020. However, the “book long” guys went for the highly educated one and subsequently suffered election defeat, losing Akwatia constituency to the NDC.

Will NPP learn their lesson this time around to not repeat their usual stupid mistake at Kumawu to end up giving their seat to surely, an independent candidate or the NDC?

I write in detail about all that I am hearing from Kumawu to warn the NPP to act prudently to appease the constituents and to retain the seat. It is not about money but respecting their choice as people.

NPP colluded as gangsters to impose the current District Chief Executive, Samuel Addai Agyekum, on the Kumawu Sekyere District against the wish of the people and the rules and regulations in place. However, President Nana Akufo-Addo, a human rights lawyer and activist, did consent to it. Sad though!

It won’t happen this time around, the constituents have vowed!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo