Naba Azoka robbers can run , but they can,t hide.

Sun, 24 Mar 2013 Source: Abugri, Haruna S.

Have you ever been robbed? Have you ever lost a valuable property through robbery?

Has your neighbor ever narrated to you how he or she has been maltreated by robbers?

If you have ever been robbed, can you still reflect on the post emotional trauma that comes along with it?

If you answer yes to the above questions, then I think you will be in a better position to understand me. It takes years, decades and sometimes centuries for us to acquire a property through hard, unrelenting efforts, but it takes a thief/robber just some few minutes or seconds to sorrowfully rob us of our hard earned property/s. Some may blame a victim of a robbery incident for probably been less vigilant, but do all victims of robbery deserve such blame? People of all kind, including great ones of repute, sometimes fall prey to some wicked robbers who will make sure that they carry out their inhuman act to denigrate their victims. In my last article entitled, WHO ROBBED NABA AZOKA? I briefly made it clear as to how the current Bawku secondary school was called AZOKA Sec, but it looks as if some of my gallant readers did not get the proper understanding with regards to how the name has suddenly changed. As I stated in the said article, many were chiefs in the late 1950s[especially from northern Ghana] who saw education as a waste of time, because of their belief of more hands on the farm and as such turned away authorities who approached them for lands to put up schools. But the good people of Bawku were blessed with a visionary and an able king of his calibre- Naba Azoka I, who rather embraced the opportunity and gave his blessings to the move. Naba Azoka I, we are told, never relented on his efforts to make sure the school was established. He made sure all those concerned were brought on board and kept on their toes as far as building the school block was concerned. It sounded very unfortunate, pathetic and unpardonable as I earlier stated in my last article [who robbed Naba Azoka?], as the school authorities, having recognized and appreciated the immense contributions of Naba Azoka I,[in terms of releasing land, rendering all supports in his capacity as the then overlord among others] towards the putting up of the school, named the school after him thus it original name-AZOKA SEC, but years later, the Great Naba Azoka I, has been robbed of this identity.

I tried asking a couple of questions with regards to who these robbers are as well as their interest. These robbers took advantage of a useless coup, and got this great man robbed of his indelible identity. So should we sit down and watch these politicians obliterate our history for their parochial interests? Don’t we think it is in order should we re-name the school as it used to be so as to avert any future distortion of facts? Although am not prepared to respond to my good readers with regards to their comments, in my last article, I wish to state that those readers who wish to cook history of Bawku to suit themselves with regards to matters of Bawku dating back to the sixteenth century should note that they are rather making mockery of themselves. They should hold their breath and get their pens and books ready so that I will school them with genuine factual documents with respect to matters of Bawku in the sixteenth century next time. Some readers responded to my last article by calling Naba Azoka I, all manner of names-but I have forgiven them for their ignorance. What these critics failed to understand is that-we are talking about the daylight robbery of identity here. The unexplained manner in which Naba Azoka I was robbed of his identity leaves much to be desired. Dear reader, is this robbery fair? Don’t you think these robbers must be apprehended? Let’s not be cowards in dealing with the truth. Why Bawku Sec instead of the school original name-Azoka Sec? For the criticisms, am fully prepared to take them. No matter how beautiful the hen dances, it can never pleases the hawk.Criticisms, they say are like fertilizer that helps us grow. Some went to an extent of describing my last piece [WHO ROBBED NABA AZOKA?] as a threat to peace. No! This is far from the truth. Demanding for what belongs to you is never a call to war and my critics should please spare me their ignorance. As fast as these robbers can run, thrice of their speed are their chasers. So please robbers, you have only robbed Naba Azoka I of his great identity but note that you can only run with it, but you cannot hide. Your hideout has already been identified and you will soon be apprehended.

I leave my good readers with this simple question: is it good we rob Peter to pay Paul?

Abugri Sumaila Haruna.

abugrisumailaharuna@yahoo.com 0247244879

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.