Nana Addo calls Mahama after the Verdict

Tue, 3 Sep 2013 Source: Otabil, Kofi

Nana Addo: Ring ring.......ring ring

Mahama: Hello, oh Nana...

Nana Addo: Mr President, congratulations on your victory!

Mahama: Hon. Nana Addo, thank you....I am humbled. How are you doing?

Nana Addo: I am doing fine. Just wanted to call and wish you the best for the work ahead.

Mahama: Thank you, Nana....I also wish you the best for your future plans and hope to see you some time soon.

Nana Addo: I am always available when you need me. We’re here to serve our nation.

Mahama: Nana....do you know what am thinking?

Nana Addo: No, but don’t pull a surprise on me....he chuckles

Mahama: I want to have a word with my Council of State and honour you with one of highest national awards. How do you feel about it?

Nana Addo: Certainly it’s in order but I did what I did because that’s what good citizens do. I’ll have to sit with my family and the party elders to discuss it.

Mahama: I think you’ve set the tone for political maturity and tolerance so we have to build on that foundation....accepting the award will be good.

Nana Addo: I’ll give you a good response....but I hope nobody calls me ‘Iron boy’ after that....hahahahahaha.....I remember President Kufuor was called ‘Diawuo 50 Cents’ after receiving a national award.

Mahama: Hahahahahahahaha....Nana, you have good sense of humour.

Nana Addo: John, having good sense of humour and selflessness are good attributes to sound health.

Mahama: Nana and his golden nuggets of wisdom. You know what? I think 29th August, should be called Political Maturity and Tolerance Day. For us politicians to remind ourselves that we have a duty to protect and preserve our nation and the people we serve. What do you think?

Nana Addo: I support you on that. I had to walk the talk....I have been a democrat all my life so I had to put it into practice when it was time to do so.

Mahama: Nana, you’re a true statesman and a nationalist. I respect you for that.

Nana Addo: John, life is worth living when we serve selflessly. At times I miss my friend Prof Mills. You know we were university mates at Legon and have known him for close to 50 years?

Mahama: Wow! That long?

Nana Addo: Yes that long....and yet he passed on and I wasn’t there to tell him how much I cherished him for his goodness and humour. It’s sad how politics can affect relationships. I’ve now realised that we can agree to disagree and not polarise relationships with our friends on the other political divide.

Mahama: It’s sad indeed.... You know Aliu Mahama was a close family friend, we share the same surname...and I had the opportunity of visiting him when he took ill and told him how much I love him as my senior brother before he passed on. So, I know how you feel right now about Prof Mills.

Nana Addo: John, life is short so we should maximise the opportunities we have to serve our fellow human beings. That’s the essence of living on this earth.

Mahama: Thank you, Nana; let’s work together for the good of our nation and people....please extend my regards to your wife, Rebecca.

Nana Addo: I’ll do that...and please extend my regards to the first lady, Lordina. I wish you well!

Written by: Kofi Otabil

Columnist: Otabil, Kofi