Nana Addo met PMahama on New Year's Day.

Wed, 2 Jan 2013 Source: Otabil, Kofi

The day started with cold, dry and dusty winds associated with the coming of the harmattan season. President Mahama was on his way to the office to give his new year’s message; Nana Addo was on his way with some party officials to prepare for their petition at the Supreme Court. President Mahama spotted Nana Addo at the traffic inter-section near the Castle Osu and decided to have a chat with him. The following conversation ensued.

President Mahama: Hon Nana Addo compliments of the season to you and family.

Nana Addo: Thank you, Mr President and same to you.

President Mahama: Nana is it possible for us to put this stalemate behind us and move the country forward seeing that you’ve done your part and the EC says I won the elections?

Nana Addo: That is for the Supreme Court to decide.

President Mahama: So would you have considered deducting a large number of alleged invalid votes from your tally if you had been declared the winner?

Nana Addo: Hahahahaha....John paaa...what are you insinuating? We would have crossed the bridge if that had been the situation.

President Mahama: I don’t also recall any provision in the EC regulations that says that a nonverified vote would have to be annulled after the election results have been declared and Gazetted?

Nana Addo: I think the Supreme Court will determine that.

President Mahama: How did your experts come about with those ridiculous figures of over 916,000 votes allegedly belonging to me since none of the ballot papers were marked as a non-verified vote? I heard you also allegedly benefitted by over 300,000 votes? It’s a very funny world.

Nana Addo: My experts will have to deal with this subject.

President Mahama: I hope you know that there is a difference between irregularities and rigging, because we all agreed there were cases of irregularities which imply that we need to reform our electoral process instead of attempting to overturn the mandate of the people in the Supreme Court?

Nana Addo: John, remember the case is pending in court.

President Mahama: I can see you guys are going to brainstorm, is that Jake and Bawumia in the back seat?

Nana Addo: Yes, John, my friend...you have a very good eye-sight.

President Mahama: On a personal note I commend you for choosing to seek redress from the law courts. This shows how civilised you are and your love for our country. Your place in history will never be forgotten in 50 years to come and beyond when the democratic process of Ghana is being mentioned. I wish you well for 2013 and beyond. Please extend my regards to President Kufuor.

Nana Addo: Thank you for your kind words and best wishes. I also wish you well and hope that we move our dear country forward. Please extend my regards to President Rawlings. God bless our Homeland Ghana!

Writer: Kofi Otabil

Columnist: Otabil, Kofi