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Nana Addo’s what life took away from me politics?

“WonGbo” demo

An Amalgam of “Power” Hungry Career Politicians, and not Energy Power

By Maxwell Okamafo Addo

Foremost I want to describe the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as an amalgam of greedy and power hungry politicians whose sole aim is to wreak havoc everywhere with the intent to take power from President John Mahama and not to solve Ghana's problems. Now a day’s if it’s not all die be die then its “WonGbo” all about death. That has become their mantra.

Rather than offer alternative solutions to problems plaguing the nation, what NPP does is to pour diatribe on daily basis on the person of President Mahama because the country has an energy problems which would definitely come to an end soon.

Making abuse of President Mahama as one of its cardinal objectives, only shows that the opposition NPP is a party of a "bunch of greed, corrupt and power hungry politicians", whose sole aims is to wreak havoc everywhere in the country.

Now they are hungry for power at all cost, so would want to demonstrate in the name of energy power because of the current energy crisis that the country finds itself in, but in real terms it’s a conduit for power to rule the nation, misleading their followers to think it was a genuine demonstration.

Their acts can be best be described as "uncultured and disrespectful to the occupant of the office of the President but they should remember the country Ghana cannot put its destiny in the hands of Lilliputian ruling elites.

"Every Ghanaian irrespective of his political affiliation is duty bound and ought to respect the office of the President and the occupant of the office", so organizing a congregation of power hungry politicians who want to take over the Presidency from President Mahama at all cost can never be possible.

The facts on ground suggest that President Mahama has performed credibly “The truth is that the establishment elements in the opposition NPP are using their entrenched positions to create a false impression that President Mahama is not performing contrary to the facts on ground.

Over the years, Ghana has undergone both vertical and horizontal surgery, from its different surgeons (leaders). These surgeons disserted the anatomy of Ghana’s problems, according to their various sphere of competence and incompetence and we have seen the traditions that are incompetent.

Naturally, this country (Ghana) is not to be poor country; but, outright lies and pauperization of the people by its opposition leaders like Nana Addo is trying to create the impression that this promising giant country is in a state of dwarf among comity of nations, something that is not true.

Today, as results of these factors, the opposition Party NPP flag bearer Nana Addo is behaving like Ghana is in a permanent state of accident; an old car, whose engine has warm-out and makes the loudest noise without any specific destination.

The return to democratic rule, was greeted with fanfare and high optimism by the common man in the street; because, it’s believe that, democracy has strong appeals among the masses and give them the ability to control those who make decision for their welfare, through the periodic popular election.

But whenever they lose they start crying wolf and would not allow government to work but seriously dwindle the political fortunes of Ghana by giving it a bad image.

It is often said, that, when greed people don’t get the opportunity to rule a nation, they transform its social life into field of disputes and dissertation in the place of justice, security and stability.

Today, they go into politics, not with the mindsets and ability to transform the life of the people they are supposes to represent, NO! But, with the mindset, that, politics is the easiest arbiter, to wealth and social status in the society. With such an idea Ghanaians would never vote for them.

Currently Ghana's energy generation citing 1967 when peak demand was 100 megawatts. The Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam was then producing 500 more megawatts.

Today, Ghana needs over 2000 megawatts but with three dams and more than two thermal plants, energy production is currently at over 1,300.

The reason for the deficit is because 2 units at Akosombo Dam are down while other units are giving off 125 megawatts instead of the 170 megawatts they could generate at full potential.

The Bui Dam is currently running on three out of four units and low hydrology at the Kpong Dam means hydroelectric power generation is weak.

Thermal generation plants such as TICO 2 are down and other plants are limited to 80 megawatt production.

The Sunon-Asogli Power Plant at Kpone near Tema which was shut down a week ago due to damaged equipment has resumed production.

The faulty components have been replaced and the plant is currently operating at a minimum of 120 megawatts (MW) and a maximum of 140MW.so the system had been running effectively, although it was yet to operate at full capacity of 180MW.

Government has a plan to up power production using 250megawatts from power plants. Barges that will also add 225megawatts times two.

An expansion at the TICO thermal plants will generate 110megawatts, whilst 600 megawatts available for distribution at off peak time, from statistics available a 1000 megawatts in the short term will meet Ghana's energy requirement of averagely 1,479megawatts.

Columnist: Addo, Maxwell Okamafo

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