Nana Akufo-Addo and Donald Trump will win 2020 without sweat

Wed, 1 Jul 2020 Source: Kwadwo Nyantakyi Akosomo

Like every Ghanaian in the diaspora, the politics that are of interest to me are that of Ghana and USA, and, my most favourite parties – NPP/Ghana & GOP/USA - are on the right course to bring home a resounding victory.

It must be noted that the two parties made lot of promises during the electioneering year 2016 and after the victories have been honouring the promises. I would like to mention just three achievements for each president.

Nana Akufo Addo

Implementation of Free Senior High School Education. Creation of over 350,000 jobs in the public sector alone and much more in the private sector. Increased efficiency of government service delivery through the Digitization of government services such as Passport Application, DVLA, Registrar General, NHIS Renewal, ECG power purchases, etc.

Donald Trump

Have begun building the wall. Republicans want strong borders and no crime. Before the pandemic, more Americans were employed than ever recorded before in the history of America. Trump defeated Issis in 2months, flattened Raqqa and crushed Al Baghdadi.

Another fact that will ensure victory is that The defeated parties, NDC and Democrats have not recovered from the catastrophic blows, they have been careless in the selection of their flag bearers. NDC chose Mahama because they think he’s a popular nationwide and Democrats chose Joe Biden over crazy Berny Sanders because he was polling well over Trump in the Democratic States, which Trump won. Democratic voters rewarded Mr Biden for that matter despite his uneven performance during the primaries. However, there were few facts, which the defeated parties ignored and would suffer dearly from.

It is an undeniable fact that all the close followers and Ministers of Mahama were thieves and Ghanaians know that. They inflated invoices, made dirty deals with contractors, built mighty houses in the regional capitals with stolen money, built skyscrapers in Dubai in the 8yrs that they were in office. Worse of all anybody who remembers “dumsor dumsor” in the tenure of Mahama will shy away from voting for NDC.

While Mahama and his people were plundering the economy of Ghana, Obama was also destroying the culture and values of the people of America. The civil right movement, championed by Martin Luther King, was replaced with homosexual agenda. LGBT issues were more important than black issues. Obama operated open borders, thousands of people from other countries just walked in unchecked, drug peddlers, rapists and murderers gave themselves sanctuaries in the Democratic States. He looked on while Isis caliphate killed thousands of people.

All the evil things Obama did as president is at the back of the head of Americans. Conservative hate Obama, but Obama the only star of Democrats will stomp for Joe Biden and it will arouse the entire conservative’s bitterness to vote massively against Joe Biden.

While Nana Akuffo Addo is riding high in the polls Donald Trump is struggling but that won’t be long. The presidential debate will come and Trump, “the dean of mean, the channel of venom” will eat sleepy Joe Biden alive. Dementia Joe Biden will not be the same after the first debate. It should be recalled that Hilary Clinton was the most popular woman on the universe before the debate and after the debate became the most cooked and dangerous woman on earth.

In conclusion I want to say, innocent reader, this writer is the best analyst as far as political prediction is concerned; election night meltdown is not pleasant, Ghanaians, vote for Nana Addo/Bawumia and avoid Mahama; Americans vote for Trump and avoid Biden, reject the White and Black losers and join White and Black winners. The Democrats have done a very bad job, they have destroyed their cities, and they have allowed miscreants to loot their cities.

The multifactor rot under Democratic policies, horrible public schools, and excessive poverty and unable to break out of dependency programs will not allow them to win the 2020 election no matter how cantankerous you think Trump is.

Columnist: Kwadwo Nyantakyi Akosomo