Opinions Wed, 21 Apr 2010

Nana, For the sake of Ghana- Apologise to Jerry

Since the democratic elections of the ruling Government many political commentators and observers of our body politic have complained about the unnecessary politicization of every issue under the sun. The ownership of public toilets, the takeover of lorry-parks, the earthquake hoax, Angola misdemeanour’s and the remarks by Nana Darkwa – Baafi have all been discussed, debated and analysed under NDC/NPP party banners.

Most ordinary Ghanaians have no problem with the politicisation of issues by the beneficiaries of the system as long as it does not impact negatively on their livelihoods. It is when the act of the patricians affects and impacts on the miserable life of the plebeians that it becomes a “tro-tro” issue. For example, alongside other drivers, I had to sit patiently in my vehicle for almost an hour as we waited for the police to bring some semblance of order on the high road around the court building during the second court appearance of Nana Darkwa.

Fortunately for me, I did not lose any income, but many of the tro-tro drivers were hurling insults and cursing the police and demonstrators for their loss of income. I think it is high time Ghanaians of all shades of opinion stand up to the truth and have the guts to speak out. Our Bishops, Imams, Council of State Members and other highly esteemed and distinguished bodies are strategically placed to react, pronounce and advise the youth, in particular, if and when they offend. Nana Darkwa’s insolence and disrespect for the ex-President should have been resolved by now. This is definitely not a matter for the courts-it is a case for our elders to call him to order.

What is wrong with our politicians, church leaders, chiefs, elder statesmen and older folks? For Heaven’s sake have they lost their tongues? Have they lost the moral authority to speak the truth? Or is the truth selective? Our had-won democratic freedoms must not be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Nana Darkwa Baafi like any other Ghanaian has the constitutional right to go about his legitimate business. He has every right to present himself as a social and political analyst on radio and television stations but he has no right to hide behind political banners and ideologies to seriously damage reputations and bring shame unto one’s family. That in any culture is unacceptable. More so when the perceived offender is a young person and the aggrieved person is an older citizen.

In my humble opinion, Nana Darkwa Baafi’s comments regarding the fire at ex President John Jerry Rawlings residence was offensive, rude, hurtful and uncalled for. We can embellish, garnish or even support his comments depending on our political leanings but that will still not make it right. Apple are apples whether green, orange or red. Dr Asemfrofro had the humility to ask for forgiveness from ex President Kufuor and Nana can spare Ghanaians a lot of police-man hours, judicial time-wasting and political wrangling if he does the right thing.

The adjournment of the case to May 2010 may provide a window of opportunity for the parties to reflect and come to an honourable “Ghanaian way of Doing Things”. Most of your readers will agree with me that Ghanaians which of course includes ex-President Rawlings are well known for our forgiven nature and kind heartedness. Sorry and Thank are two words which are embedded in the collective psyche of our unique Ghanaian culture and character, any respectable young person from a “home” has these 2 wonderful words imprinted in his/her head.

I am more than 100% certain almost 200% that if Nana Darkwa Baafi writes an apology in the local dailies and arrives on the doorstep of Mr and Mrs Rawlings to ask for forgiveness, it will be accepted with humility.

If Nana Darkwa wants me to part of the “begging entourage”, I will gladly accompany him. There is no shame in apologising, no disgrace in humility only the brave are noble enough to admit to their mistakes. Nana Darkwa Baafi – For the sake of the country which we all love, have the humility to apologise to the ex- President and his family.

If after this my passionate appeal to Nana Darkwa, he still maintains his stand and is determined to take the legal journey, on behalf of the majority of decent, hard-working Ghanaians with families we apologise and say sorry.

Please, Jerry and Nana Konadu find room in your hearts to forgive him. Take him as one of your wayward nephews, it will save our country and the judiciary a lot of after- shocks after judgement is given.

Columnist: Kufuor, Appiah Danquah