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Nana Osei Tutu 11 This Is Purely NDC Affair

The Managing Editor of the Al Hajj News Paper, Alhaji Iddrissu Bature has revealed that a high-powered delegation from the National Democratic Congress is to meet the overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfour Osei Tutu 11 to influence Nana Konadu to rescind her decision to challenge President John Evans Attah Mills for the right to bear the flag for the ruling NDC Party. See Ghana web general news Otumfour to stop Konadu from contesting Mills 5/13/11

The NDC constitution allows any card-carrying member who has the requirement to contest any sitting president of their Party. So what crime has this icon of the NDC Party committed that requires the intervention of the occupant of the Golden Stool? After all, according to Nii Lantei Vanderpuye, a Mills boot licker and host of others in the Party, Rawlings is irrelevant and that they could win the 2012 general elections without the Rawlingses. So why involve the Asantehene if Konadu wants to run against the sitting president - something that is purely an internal affair? Considering his position and the weight his words bear, I do not think this is a problem that deserves the attention of Asantehene. Nana Osei Tutu 11 cannot snuff Konadu’s or anyone’s aspirations and dreams so that some “greedy bastards” can maintain their lifestyle. If the NDC do not want Nana Konadu or anybody to challenge the sitting president, the right thing to do is to expunge the clause that gives the right to members to contest their sitting president from the constitution. Nana, I know that peace, progress and the development of the country are the things you deeply care but with all due respect, Nana, this is beneath you. Let us respect the NDC policy of Di wo Fie Asem. Besides, Yaa Konadu has a right to aspire to any office of the land as long as she has the curriculum vitae that is required by that position.

The hypocrisy of the NDC is very amazing. On one hand, Konadu’s challenge is welcome because it deepens the internal democracy of their Party. On the other hand, her contention will send the Party into opposition. Consequently, members of the GAME, Get Atta Mills Endorsed are all over the place twisting the arms and bribing potential delegates not to endorse Yaa Konadu’s nomination forms in order to prevent her from challenging Mills. During an interview with Kwabena Bobbie Ansah the host of Ekosii Sen program on Asempa Fm, Mills himself assured Ghanaians of a convincing victory so why are they trying so hard to preventing Konadu from challenging him? According to Hebert Mensah, the presidency has a budget of an eye-popping amount of $60million to trash his opponents in this contest. And from the way members of the GAME are spraying money on delegates across the country, it is amazing these shameless stomach followers of Mills are doing everything to preventing Yaa Konadu from challenge their breadwinner. Should this come as a surprise to anybody? By the way, does anybody doubt this amount considering the number of Party members bussed in from all over the country incurring expenses such as boarding and lodging in Five Star Hotels with a per diem of three hundred Ghana Cedis for each person? Now Ghanaians have seen how the “lowly” and “humble” Mills can stop traffic just to pick a nomination form. Couldn’t he have done it on the quiet? This is humble Atta Mills for you. The man who wants us to believe he is more catholic than the Pope.

Not too long ago, the same orchestra of praise singers who are now extoling the virtues of Mills were all crawling on their knees begging crumbs from the table of the Rawlingses. Now any “minor being” who can insult the Rawlingses the loudest get top positions in the Mills’ administration. Mills should know that this adoration is not sincere and the orchestra will definitely change the tune if his circumstance should change in July 10. With massive corruption, vindictiveness and with the introduction of factionalism in the Party by the so called Asomdwehene, I am once again calling on Obaa Panin Yaa Konadu to run as an independent in the event that she loses the contest. For this reason, I am again calling on FONKA, Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman, especially Amenga Secut, Owusu Bempa, Dela Coffie and those at the fore front of FONKA to urge and impress upon Konadu the need for her to run as an independent in the 2012 general elections. I am also urging the thousands of the foot soldiers to stand with Obaa Panin if she decides to go independence. As I have already argued in my previous article, going independence is about convictions and principles but not vote-splitting. It is a noble task that is worth embracing. She becomes a standard bearer and a trail - blazer to our daughters and gives hope to millions of girls who look up to her. It is only the hangers on like Allotey Jacobs, Benyiwa Doe, Kobby Fiagbe and a host of others who detest Konadu for going independent. They could be pardoned because they are only protecting their stomachs. Okom ye ya.

Alex Amoako-Attah

New York

Columnist: Amoako-Attah, Alex