Opinions Thu, 4 Jan 2018

Napaga Tia's apology not enough

So, here I am on Facebook, just struggling with myself to understand why on earth a Presidential Staffer, who is also woman, will look at the unemployed party people who risked their lives for eight solid years to win power for the NPP, according to her, in the face and tell us to stop the "nonsense" of presenting CVs to her at public functions as we enter 2018. I am very sure this was said as a joke from a 30 year old as she claims.

My name is Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang, an unemployed graduate and a die-hard NPP member. I was born, raised and educated in the southern part of Ghana with most of my education undertaken in Kumasi.

I can say on authority that unemployed people are human beings like those in gainfully employed or working at the Flagstaff House. We might not be working now and are desperate for jobs, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have dignity or integrity. We are very “proud” people who respect ourselves and others so well irrespective of where or which job you're doing. We are one disciplined group of Party members who tread cautiously in our own space. You can confirm this from most MPs and Ministers who used us during the campaign period.

We might not be Presidential Staffers like you, but trust me, we are not hungry people. For several years of completing school without jobs, our parents have fed us without your support as a Presidential Staffer. Same route you might have taken before you became what you are today. Therefore I find it very difficult that someone wakes up one morning and decides to label our action as "nonsense". Kaman how!!

Unemployed Party members also have the requisite skills and qualifications just like those working as Presidential Staffers, but the opportunity has not come yet. They are desperate for jobs and will surely disturb you with their CVs at anywhere and at anytime, but that should not be a basis to describe our action as "nonsense". We might appear to be one jobless, dejected, and hopeless poor group, but we can be very loud if you want to take us for a ride. We surely will ‘fight' back if you disrespect us.

My dear Nagapa Tia, we being desperate for a change in political leadership last year, went to the hinterlands and campaigned to get you to where you are ( I am sure you are now proud and comfortable at your new position) and today you are biting same fingers that fed you. How interesting!

A mere apology is not what we are demanding but more. It is demeaning statements like these from the very few ones like you that make life very difficult for the NPP to maintain power beyond 8 years. Unemployed Party members are Ghanaians and are humans as well, who also have blood running through our veins. We deserve far better from your likes. It’s indeed painful. Those sitting unconcerned and making it look like it’s a small issue we are blowing out of proportion, today it’s about the unemployed, tomorrow it might be you. When your neighbors house is on fire...

Columnist: Katakyie Kwame Opoku Agyemang