National Democratic Congress led by JM in Coma

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

My Brothers and Sisters, Countrymen and Women, I have found myself in a sick nation full of loquacious politicians. Though we share the same political ideology, the indecisive President and his vice are systematically putting NDC into coma. Following the appointment of Mr Amissah as vice-president, Ghanaians were made to believe that with his background as an economist —former governor of Bank of Ghana—the economy was surely going to be back on track. This belief has almost immediately become nightmarish because economic stability now relies on divine and spiritual intervention from men of God.

A critical analysis of the mood of the nation, irrespective of the one’s political affiliation, reveals the following: extreme hardship, high cost of living, unemployment, free fall of our cedi in the currency market and other social vices. In their juvenile phases, these challenges were what the electorate thought an NDC govt could iron out perfectly. Hence, the NDC’s winning of the 2012 General Elections. But as things are now, these challenges confronting us would most likely bedevil us ‘indefinitely’.

The major reasons why these challenges might never see any mitigation are never far fetched. Governance is guided by certain attributes; the chief among them is having an effective transformational leader who is creative, who has a good vision, who knows where he leads the nation towards and finally who is bold, fair, action and development-oriented. Forthrightly, I find our current President testing negative to the above attribute. The dearth of this attribute has been enormously demonstrated for the blind to see. So conspicuously, the President appointed incompetent, inexperience and loud-mouth ministers and deputies who readily respond to critical matters raised by citizens without any proper consultation or analysis. The ministers are usually very insensitive to the challenges confronting the citizenry.

These hesitant or insensitive trademarking features of the Mahama-led Admin are unerringly opposite to those of the founder of PNDC/NDC JJ Rawlings. Rawlings stood for fairness and he characteristically exhibited boldness and tackled corruption expediently. In particular, corrupt govt officials were often immediately summoned to the Castle and disciplined first according to the Party’s founding social principles and then according to the laws of the Republic. Many of these corruption-bound people who were deposed by Rawlings were systematically recycled into the current government—the root cause of all these economic woes. This recycling tending to suggests that President JM had previously endorsed their corrupt lifestyle and would love to see them repeat it. And here we are again in it.

Former President Rawlings knew where he was leading the country to; hence the large following of PNDC government which resulted in our winning power again in 2008 and 2012. If the Founder of the party had ruled the country as the current indecisive President and his team are doing, then NDC would have been dead and forgotten by now.

All is still not lost. The NDC govt, currently in coma, can be revamped by putting in place certain measures. Few of such measures are outlined as follows: The President

? Should reassess himself and be fair, bold and decisive;

? Do proper house cleaning of his appointees;

? Reappoint people who are highly competent, experienced with technical know-how and bold enough to team-up with him to stir the affairs of the nation.

With reference to the last measure, I and many of my good-thinking colleagues can hardly fathom why NDC with favourite personalities such as Dr. Spio, Hon. Bagbin, Kofi Adams, General Mosquito, just to name a few and others, is running a govt padded with mediocre ministers. The most shocking aspect is that, these tried and tested persons have worked with the President before when he was an MP and then a minister. The communication mess created in the govt is self-inflected because no one beats JM’s own Spio in that field.

Written by: Prince Justice Ali

Email; princejusticeali@yahoo.com

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice