Ndoum is Using Money to Buy the Intelligence of CPP Executives

Sun, 21 Aug 2011 Source: agyemangcucg@yahoo.com

Wisdom is far better than gold and silver as the Holy Bible indicates as a result anywhere wisdom prevails success is not far from accomplishment. Anyone who allows himself to be deceived by money to obtain so-called success would equally fail in life by the same money. Wisdom controls money but money can’t control wisdom. Why? Africa as a continent possesses all the rich mineral resources but lacks the wisdom to process in order to benefit from them. European and North American countries possess nothing of rich mineral resources but got the intelligence to crack their brains to make maximum use of mineral resources and even accelerating to Africa to discover how to process African resources and sell back to us.

Historically, CPP was not built by money but it was built by a radically progressive wisdom for mobilization possessed by Dr. Kwam Nkrumah, in which he set a vigorous foundation for it. As a matter of fact, the founder of the party, Dr. Nkrumah wasn’t rich as compare to J B Danquah, Arko Adjie and the rest when he was brought from oversee to be the General Secretary of UGCC. However, because of the radical wisdom that he (Dr. Nkrumah) possessed, he was able to lift out from his colleagues of conservative money-mentality of UGCC to form CYO and then to CPP which eventually brought nothing in the country but Independence and pragmatic economic growth and development.

In stating like this, we are not trying to be anti-money or anti-Ndoum but we are trying to be anti-bad flag bearer of CPP for the 2012 election. Money is important in mobilization of CPP members and for campaign but wisdom can play faster and crucial role for Nkrumah-hearted party, CPP, to be on its feet.

Personally, Ndoum is a business-oriented person and this is the time for him to differentiate his business mentality of doing things from CPP as a political party. Sure, a business is totally different from a political party, for a business, the person can borrow from anywhere to invest in and later pay back including a percentage of an interest calculated. However, a political party, when you borrow from anywhere to finance it and it comes to power, you may steal the national property and money to settle the loan obtained. Ndoum owns the First National Bank and some hotels in the country however this is the time for him to concentrate on his businesses and leave CPP for those who got the wisdom for mobilizing and convincing the electorates to take control. His views of doing business are not applicable in CPP context as he wants to identically apply.

Looking at Ndoum’s background, it is crystal clear that he got nothing better for CPP and hence the country at large. In 1982, fortunately or unfortunately, he was given the Government of Ghana scholarship to offer some economics degrees in the United States to come back to help the nation. After acquiring all those degrees, he intentionally decided to ignore the country by not coming back to serve the nation. He used his knowledge and skills acquired to work tirelessly for another country (US) to flourish whilst other people like Prof. Akosa, Prof. Mills and others decided to work for their mother country (Ghana) regardless of any salary paid. You may mistakenly conclude that, despite Ndoum worked in the US, the money he got, he came back to invest in the country. Yes, he has done so-called investment but if everyone like Prof. Akosa, Mills etc had also left for other countries as he did, who would have built or sustained the country for him to come back to invest.

In 1997 he used monetary trickery to buy some people of Elmina intelligence to become an assemblyman. Immediately he won, instead of staying in the area to do developmental projects, he went back to the US to continue his work for that country (US) to develop. Not only that, he absented himself from almost all the assembly meetings organized in the district because of his so-called US job. When it was time in Komenda, Edina, Eguafo and Abrim (KEEA) constituency for assembly members to share ideas in order to ensure developmental issues, he was no where to be found. He ignored all those meetings for the sake of his job in the US. Indirectly, he insulted the people of Elmina that his work in the US was more important than to work in the area as an assemblyman but because of his money he was able to fool some ignorant people in the area for some votes to be an assemblyman for two terms. During all these periods he got NPP mentality and ideology but not CPP. When he realized that he could get some ignorant people to be fooled again with money, he decided to become a member of parliament for KEEA constituency by throwing money every where he stepped for so-called electioneering campaign in the area. Initially, he wanted to contest on the ticket of NPP as the parliamentary candidate but when he realized that NPP was choked in which NPP executives would not look his wealth in the area to elect him as their parliamentary candidate whilst Ato Arthur was there, he then decided to join the CPP as the parliamentary candidate. Fortunately or unfortunately, he won because the electorates of KEEA constituency thought based on his wealth obtained he may deliver effectively and efficiently for them by even using his private money to do some important projects rather than the consolidated fund. Did he do that? No, he became even more self-fish by not visiting the constituency to listen to people’s grievances. He set big by-enemies with the Regional Minister at that time, Nana Ato Arthur. He decided not to attend any meeting with the Regional Minister and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). When erstwhile NPP government introduced the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), he (Ndoum) chose somebody to be the co-ordinator for this programme in the constituency without the consent or agreement of the MCE, meanwhile such NYEP co-ordinator was supposed to work under the supervision of the MCE but not him as a member of parliament. Consequently the MCE also chose somebody to become the NYEP co-ordinator when he noticed that the one chosen by Ndoum was performing below expectation. Ndoum never worked friendly and peacefully with his MCE and the Regional Minister during his tenure as the MP. Moreover, in order to continuously cheat the people in the area he opened a FM station to throw more dust into their eyes. He opened Ahomka FM in the area to propagate political issues in his favour. As far as entertainment is concerned, any FM station opened is to ensure community development by educating the people but his FM station, Ahomka FM, turned to be a different FM station all together in the region. Dare anyone who criticizes him (Ndoum) on this FM station. In 2008, Babal Jama criticized him during his so-called “Chiefs and People of Elmina Congratulations Message to Ndoum” for his community development, that Ndoum was organizing that thanksgiving or congratulation message for him but not the chiefs and the people in the community. Some guys were hired by Ndoum to go and sack Babal Jama from his FM station.

Indeed, Ndoum has established First National Bank and hotels but who are those he has been employing? He employs only people who support him in politics. Does he pay his workers reliable salaries? No, he gives them small money in which they can’t even afford two square meals a day.

When things were very tougher for CPP from the year 2000 to 2007, instead of him to help the party, he decided to run away from it to support NPP. As a result, NPP government under Kuffour’s tenure decided to make him Minister of Energy and later Minister of Private Sector. He worked for NPP and left all the CPP works for Prof. Akosa, Mr. George Aggudey and others to do. He only came back to CPP in 2007 when he wanted to become the presidential candidate. You see how trickily self-fish is he? In 2007, he used money to buy the intelligent of CPP executives to elect him as their presidential candidate and fortunately or unfortunately he couldn’t even poll 3% of the national votes casted.

This is the time for CPP executives to tie him to a tree from CPP; he must be excluded from all the necessary activities that must be done for the progress of the party. This is the time for us to prove to him (Ndoum) that our eyes are open for a radical change in the party. This is the time for us to prove to him that he is an opportunistic politician. This is the time for us to prove to him that he doesn’t like CPP by running away to join NPP during the 2000 and 2004 electioneering campaigns. Not only that, this is the time for us to prove to him that he can’t use money to buy our intelligence to lead CPP as the presidential candidate. This is the time for us to prove to him that we need a person who can crack his brain to bring unity and vigor to win an election as the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did and had set for the party and this is the time for us to prove to him that he can’t run CPP as a business; a political party is different from a business.

Prof. Akosa and other CPP people don’t have enough money but got intelligence to massively mobilize the people to vote for the party. Ndoum may share money to people and make all payments here and there but eventually such people will not vote for CPP whereas NDC and NPP are there. The electorates don’t need money to vote but they need good agenda and message as Prof. Akosa has been doing.

Ridiculously, I heard Ndoum on one of the FM stations that for him, he would use money to campaign by going to some constituencies; he would not sit on FM stations to talk as some CPP people have been doing. As a matter of fact, the electorates don’t need money but the need a good manifesto and agenda for their living standard to improve, as the Holy Bible says,”Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish. Ndoum must also know that somebody can cheaply use the press (FM station) to convince more than millions of electorates at a time instead of journeying from one place to another and throwing money for people to pick. As indicated earlier on, we are not trying to be anti-money for campaign or anti-Ndoum or anti-anything but we are trying to be anti-opportunistic politician to become the flag bearer of CPP in the 2012 general election.


Columnist: agyemangcucg@yahoo.com

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