Nduom can bring progress to Ghana

Sat, 26 Apr 2008 Source: Jeffrey, Peter

True visionary leaders work with imagination – Nduom can bring progress to Ghana

True visionary leaders work with imagination, insight and boldness. Soon after the CPP flag bearer ship elections, Papa Kwesi Nduom realise the immense divisions between the CPP Patriots and his Movement and began to search for solutions that transcend ideological divide by addressing the issues that brought the division about and was holding the party back.

Taking up the challenge as the leader of the largest group of Nkrumaists parties, CPP, Papa Kwesi Nduom brought together all those who contested various positions of the party, including leading members of the Patriots and the Movement, with a higher purpose of rebuilding the party which many joined in their teens.

To lead the rejuvenated CPP requires great leadership and heartfelt commitment, considering the fragmentation of the Nkrumaists’ movement since 1992. Papa Kwesi Nduom not only created a partnership and shared sense of vision with others that disagreed with him before the CPP congress in December 2007, but also listen and learn from others point of views in the supreme interest of the party.

As an effective leader, Papa Kwesi Nduom has listen to the real needs of the Ghanaian people, and together with his team of highly efficient, effective and brilliant advisors, technocrats and policy makers, have develop strategies and policies, including fine tuning the CPP 7 Year Development Plan, to address the mammoth tasks facing the country.

As an Nkrumaist and a progressive, Papa Kwesi Nduom knows that an unfair socio-economic system breeds poverty, thus in his acceptance speech as flag bearer elect at the CPP congress in Kumasi last December, he pledge that CPP would focus more on prevention of social problems and be proactive to crisis and change. Nduom promised that the incoming CPP administration under his leadership would engage Ghanaian people in determining the country’s political priorities.

Addressing a large rally in Tamale recently, Papa Kwesi Nduom said balancing market efficiency with social justice could create a better society. He explain that under CPP administration, the government will create greater opportunities for the poor through policies that provides workers with access to skills training, health care, good education, affordable housing, better sanitation, clean drinking water, electricity and better transportation. Papa Kwesi Nduom said to create the sort of society he envisages; new ways of thinking are needed. The ecstatic reception Papa Kwesi Nduom and his entourage were given in almost every town in the 3 northern regions brought back fond memories of CPP rallies of yester year. The Tamale rally brought Nduom face to face with the task facing CPP. Papa Kwesi Nduom, almost choking to tears told his northern compatriots “Under CPP government, we will restore your dignity as sons and daughters of Ghana. We will create jobs for the teaming unemployed people. The old CPP under President Nkrumah did, the new CPP under my leadership will replicate it to ensure that people earned worthwhile incomes that would improve the quality of their lives”.

By pledging to turn the 3 northern regions’ into Ghana’s bread basket and help uplift the image of the capital city of the north, Tamale, Ghana’s third city, Papa Kwesi Nduom has emerged as a lone voice of political courage in the 2008 elections, as well as standing up for what is morally right, rather than politically expedient.

Peter N. Jeffrey MSc(LSBU) BSc(Hons)Lond.
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Columnist: Jeffrey, Peter

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