Nduom’s aim for 2017 is unusual but good for African politics

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Wed, 4 Nov 2015 Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

DR Papa Kwasi Nduom is a fine gentleman with ideas meant for rapid development of the nation.

He has unquestionable pedigree in public and private life having been a Minister in the regime of President Kufuor in this Fourth Republic. In addition to all that he has achieved in life which includes his help in the establishment of Public Private Partnership, he is about to set an example in politics.

He has announced beforehand that he would not present himself for nomination for public office after the 2016 elections.

Speaking on radio, he said “As for me, after this election I will be seating in the back room and push young people in front and help them.

“Whether it is a parliament or the presidency or anything; I am done with elections after 2017. It is important that we train our people and get young people to be properly advised.

Dr. Ndoum also noted that the PPP is open to an alliance and possible coalition with other opposition parties going into the 2016 elections.

“I will be ready to support our party going into a coalition arrangement with other parties ahead of the elections. I don’t see anything wrong with other parties coming together to form a formidable force to bring an end to this NDC misrule”.

The step taken by Dr Nduom is unusual in Ghanaian and African politics where many leaders would want to cling on to their public offices for life. His promise to take a back seat to push the young members of the party to run the party is commendable.

That is good perhaps as it might be a strategy meant to change the fortunes of the party. Since the formation of the Progressive People’s Party by its current leader, that party is yet to make any impressive performance in both parliamentary and presidential elections. Currently the party is not represented in parliament.

However it has the hope of improving its performance in future. In spite of its poor showing under Dr Nduom, in elections, the party has been providing useful suggestions especially on education in which it vows to provide free and compulsory education to all from kindergarten to university. It remains to be seen whether this plan is feasible in our current difficult economic system.

The party has also suggested that national identity cards be issued to all citizens to avoid problems with the voters register which has now taken a center stage in the country’s political discussions. The step taken by the leader of PPP Dr Nduom to step aside after the 2016 election is good.

The desire of the party to go into alliance with other opposition parties is also commendable. However even before its leader steps down the PPP must take the first move to join parties that share their ideologies.

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Columnist: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai