Neither Ursula Owusu nor Prof Attafuah will stoop that low

Thu, 7 Sep 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

Yet again, I have found myself in that needful position of coming to the defence of a sister and brother I hold dear to my bosom.

Yet again, I do iterate that I will not defend corrupt officials, though washing my party’s (unblemished) linen in public is something I, also, will never do. But innocent people should not be goaded to the gallows to suffer what actual criminals who had pillaged our nation must.

I know the history and background of Honourable Ursula Owusu-Ekuful quite well.

In fact, hearing of these most absurd allegations against her brought tears to my eyes. This woman had a difficult beginning, but that notwithstanding, the good upbringing she had makes it impossible for her to behave in a manner as accused. The world is still sustainable because, generally, there remain good people living in it, and the Ghanaian story, specifically, is not much different.

Ursula toiled to get to where she is now. The NDC had, during their lewd presidency over the past years, accused her of untoward behaviour because she has a heart much unlike the unrepentant characters under that torn umbrella.

The empathy she bubbles with for the disabled, disenfranchised, and distraught is beyond description. We, both, do our individual bits in this important social service towards disability, and that is how come I know. Why would one or two characters from our own NPP fraternity want to destroy her credibility when they are supposed to know better? She suffered too much “baloney” and falsehood at the hands of the buffoons in the NDC when we were in opposition for her to have to put up with such ineffably palpable lies from the buccal cavities of our own peeps. Besides, she is not a poor woman, and is someone perfectly satisfied with what she has, so why would she want to engage in this shame?

Unfortunately, the rumours that took to flight were vexatious, and clearly fraught with mal intent to bring her hard earned reputation and good upbringing into disrepute. As a young lass in school, she laboured to help her household scathe by. If she weren’t a self-respecting individual, she would have gone astray. Here she is at the top, honourable and well-behaved, contributing her quota to the national agenda of rebuilding the nation and doing what mighty men cannot. So I wonder who is fanning such dirty sentiments that I can only assume are borne out of pure jealousy, but let me sound a warning that if I am able to ascertain the identity of the liars, I will descend on them, no matter who they are.

Professor Attafuah is an expert in criminology, and will never go against the dictates of his profession. If people, scrambling for contracts that they are not getting, will mud-sling filth at an honourable person as Professor, then it is just an attestation to their boggled senses. Ah, what kind of nonsense is this at all?

When the country was plundered under John Mahama and his g-string (pioto) supporters with scandals that had outsmarted even the mafia agents in Napoli, why do we choose to raise rubble over our innocent own? We need to bash Jospong for robbing the State! We need to bash Ibrahim Mahama for conniving to syphon Ghana’s resources for many years to come! We need to bash Okudzeto Ablakwa for enriching himself at the expense of the poor Ghanaian and not doing anything about his sharp teeth! We need to hang the perpetrators of the SSNIT scandal! We need to imprison those who took road contracts and connived with officers of the State to embezzle the money, doing shamefully shoddy jobs most often.

The John Mahama administration was responsible for the unaccountable loss of billions of US Dollars of the nation’s money; that very money that could have raised the dignity and honour of the Ghanaian to greater heights, but rather slipped us into derogation and shame.

I repeat, and believe same to be the truth that I can vouch for, that Ursula Owusu-Ekuful is innocent of the frivolous allegations against her, and so is Professor Attafuah. People should be circumspect with their pronouncements, lest their own filth be exposed. Nonsense!

With respect to A-Plus, I will only advise my brother to be circumspect with his utterances. The public courts are not merciful, and he has a long life to live, which I pray would be in honour and dignity.

GOD Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Our Nation Great and Strong….Again!

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi