Nepotism is a wrong political system in Ghana

Stop Nepotism File photo

Fri, 19 Mar 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Everyone is talking about corruption in Ghana because it’s one of the social vices that weakens a country’s infrastructure and prevents development, yet average Ghanaians haven’t taken into consideration the political and economic impact of nepotism on a country.

Nepotism in politics is a phenomenon that exists in both developed and developing nations but that in the administration of the NPP or Nana Akufo Addo is abnormal, yet, nobody has even bothered to find out how nepotism cripples a government rapidly equally like corruption.

While it is good for the Ghanaian president to give posts to members of his family, friends, and close associates in politics, nepotism is not good for any country. These are the reasons.

Nepotism leads to bias in decision making, unfair treatment and affects the country in the long run. Recent research also shows that nepotism makes people feel demotivated, lacking in confidence, and alienation. It also discourages competition and innovation.

The consequences of nepotism can weaken an organization and ultimately affect economic development as a whole.

Since if a relative is given a post and not doing well or lacks the skills to perform certain tasks, the president will find it hard to relieve them of their posts. In this way, they are just taking money each month without contributing anything significant to the development of the country.

Columnist: Joel Savage