Opinions Mon, 11 Jul 2016

New Edubiase stadium is a misplaced economic venture

The New Edubiase stadium project just announced, is one of the emotional voodoo developments which have characterized the NDC/Mahama administration. An example of reckless and capricious use of power to conjure uneconomic ventures for votes. Ghana is the poorer for such emotional misuse of resources.

I have in the same way, elsewhere condemned NDC/Mahama for prioritizing Eastern Corridor over the Accra-Kumasi Road. The volume of traffic on the latter is about 12 times that on the former. Mahama , emphasizing the Eastern corridor over the Central Corridor is a misplaced economical development. It is a mystery he and only his cahoots understand. You criticize them and intellectuals of repute retort - 'Is the Eastern Corridor not part of Ghana? Don't the settlements there also deserve good road?'- thus wanting to court dissatisfaction of Voltarians against you. NDC are masters of such dirty diabolical tribal games to spite a section of the people.

You think of the development of Tamale International Airport vis -a- vis Kumasi International Airport, with regard to present and expected air traffic over medium and long term and of the general contribution of each facility to the national economy and you wonder why the former should lead in any national developmental rankings. Speak against this imbalanced development and you will hear the same pedestrian and sentimental questions ''Is Tamale not part of Ghana? Don't 'pepefoo' also deserve international airport? Are they not human beings? ''— just to let it seem that NDC love Northerners but some others don't. Its all part of their famous divisive and tribal games.

For how long will Ghana tolerate NDC deliberate ethnocentric provocations thinking of how they used same ethnocentric tactics to site Eastern Regional University at Somanya instead of siting it at Koforidua the regional capital? Their heartless aim was and is to play Krobos against the rest of Eastern Region for votes. Just imagine the uproar Ghana would have gone through if an NPP government had unilaterally decided to site Volta Region University at Hohoe or Nkwanta instead of Ho, the regional capital without any consultation with the people.

Now, the NDC train carrying their dirty ethnocentric divide and rule tactics has landed at New Edubiase where a new stadium is to be built. I am not worried with constructing a stadium at New Edubiase per se, except that the idea has been cooked from bad faith and evil minds in the ugly Mahama cabinet. If the idea had come from a well thought out and approved plan to systematically provide stadia at all the district capitals then I would have clapped for NDC.

So I ask Mahama what next? Which town is to benefit next from stadium from your whims and caprices? Is it Ejura or Donkorkrom in Afram plains?

The NDC now confidently want to win sympathy of the large numbers of settlers in New Edubiase in Adansi South, to take votes from TK Hammond, the incumbent MP and NPP in the forthcoming elections and they think the trick is the construction of the stadium. Tell Mahama that the stadium has been conceived with wicked intentions and as a result, Jehovah will never reward him, with that background.

I ask, why not Tarkwa, Bechem, Dormaa Ahenkro, Dawu, Kpandu, Nkawkaw, Tema etc where football teams, playing in the elite divisions have stationed in more than 3 decades? Need we be reminded that Wa, Koforidua, Ho and Sunyani , great football regional centers have been crying for proper stadia and they are waiting. We are yet to be told that Mahama-commissioned feasibility studies at New Edubiase have revealed economic returns for the project. Who knows?

Until then, I am not impressed with the choice of New Edubiase stadium construction in this present system of things. It is uneconomic, provocative, takashie and a display of political voodoo investment which does not help Ghana. Insiders say, the Akokofunu Anyidohos, the Asiedu 'Fur coat' Nketias, the Kofi Dams and the BNI sycophants churned the idea during their visits there during the recent opening of the Voters Register, for Djibril Mahama cabinet, for political votes. They must bow down their stinking heads in shame for such a disservice to Ghana's economy. To me, Mahama is dangerous. Unimaginable recklessness in investment choices is his stock and trade. He is capable of deciding that pineapple factory be sited at Sefwi or Wa -Tumu - Bolgatanga Road should be a dual carriageway or University be sited at New Edubiase etc just for votes. Everything about him is mediocre, by- heart and Ide bii keke. No wonder more than Gh¢ 200b has been pumped into the Ghana economy in 8 years of NDC with the concomitant woeful economic indicators e.g. abysmally low economic growth, unfavorable exchange rate , high interest rates, zero growth in agriculture etc

Ghana must be liberated from Mahama incompetence and waywardness, come December 2016!

Charles Agbenu

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles