New SHS double intake, Is it the only way out?

Mon, 20 Aug 2018 Source: Emmanuel Antwi

It's becoming interestingly alarming the way politicians handle matters of national concern. One wonders why the government of Ghana is totally ignoring available national educational resources of the private schools which are doing relatively better than some public schools.

Why is the government of Ghana refusing to partner with the private schools to absorb the current excess students' intake? Why are these private school investments of Ghanaians being let go waste while they can be supported to effectively contribute to provide better alternative services to our dear nation? Why is the government partnering with private hospitals and health providers by including them in the national health insurance scheme to increase access to better healthcare but is currently refusing to allow private schools to participate in the free SHS program?

Irrespective of the good intentions the government may have with the introduction of the double intake scheme for SHS students, it will be much better to consider utilization of existing opportunities that the private schools present as better alternative to the double track intake being proposed by the Ghana government.

The future of our nation must be managed with interest of all national players and resources in view. Stifling the initiative or killing the genuine interest of the Ghanaian entrepreneurs who have invested heavily in putting up educational infrastructures will be counterproductive and contrary to the private participation as an engine for national development mantra. Let the government broaden it's consultations and perspective of its current approach to the free SHS problem.

It is long overdue for the Ghana education curricula of both basic and secondary schools to be seriously reviewed to give emphasis to Science and technology, nationalistic consciousness and positive integrity, in attempt to develop individual citizen's character formation.

We must try to establish a national strategic think-tank agencies that will formulate, monitor and evaluate our educational curriculum to reflect the contemporary socio-economic needs of the nation Ghana.

Lastly, corruption, bribery and thievery in Ghana can better be tackled and removed from our society if citizens (from childhood in schools) are educated and oriented to be more patriotic (nationalistic) and begin to look down on ill-gotten wealth/riches. Reorientation of our national psyche should be seriously incorporated into our educational curricula for building a better Ghana for a better future.

Pettiness in our body politics must give way to sincere and prudent politics which put national interest above parochial partisan considerations. Ghanaians must wake up to assert for better solutions to their needs by selecting better public officer (from the Assembly level) who respect the views and interest of Ghanaians first. Ghanaians must vehemently demand for sanctions against every national who loots and plunder our national resources, thereby depriving the poor masses of basic necessities of life.

Better Ghana tomorrow will need the contribution of every citizen today. Let's change our attitudes, pay our taxes and work harder to build a better nation for ourselves and the children unborn. May God bless our homeland Ghana.

Columnist: Emmanuel Antwi
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