Opinions Mon, 1 Jan 2018

New year's eve - Call for resolutions not revolutions

Here cries the beacon of a New Year, And nay, here comes a new day; A new day and God's will to bid thee goodbye 2017.

On the Eve at mass, As the candles glow, The glory of the Lord blows.

And here beacons the flow and cry of a New Year; A cry that awakens the call for resolutions not revolutions; A cry that decree thee holy heavens to crossover with a "build over" to build bridges; To build bridges in our marriage and family life, To build bridges in our relationship,friendship and political life, To build bridges in our financial, economic, social,racial and work life, To build bridges in our national and community reconstruction and struggle.

For it's grace for our race, And we are in a raise in the face of 2018; A grace and raise that blossoms and is wholesome above average.

Oh cry thee,it's a dying year, And the regrets are the sins and things that stole the happiness from another man; It's the coming and going of seasons; And 365 reasons to turn things around this time around.

We are good to set new goals, And be bold to work on the past blows of life; Staying down after those blows is an error of grace that will erase our raise.

Oh thy holy glory! See your children not in gory but deliver us from the sorrows and "sorry's" of life; Keep us awashed, When our minds go astray in sinful compromise for the vanities of the world;FORGIVE!

Cry and pray thee for divine grace, Divine grace for the loved one's and lost one's in 2017, For thy gave and took but 2018 will see us through; Not by our might, For grace abounds in leaps and bounds.

We are champions, So let's pop champagne; Not in pain but in God's gain we rain; Let's stress out the stress, And dress up the mind off distress for God's greatness again! Let's look forward, revitalised and break cowards!

The year is long gone, So let logic reign and let go along with it the pain of unforgiveness; For the kingdom of God must be established, And all men must be at peace with ease; Where toes were stepped on, I step out and blow the trumpet... For a new year dawns!

Cry thee with cheers, I say my dear; Not a tear or fear of the unknown is here to weigh us down in 2018; Our minds will blend with the best; We will stand the test; As we resolve to dissolve the past and evolve divinely into the present; I will be here always as your humble servant to say cheers in 2019; CHEERS to a New Year!

Columnist: Ananpansah B. Abraham (AB)