Nii Lamptey Vanderpuyer has become a talkative Minister

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

The role of a sports minister is so broad that the one in charge should not get much time to gossip or talk around.Ever since Nii Lamptey Vanderpuyer, assumed the office of a sports minister,he has done nothing in terms of promoting the entire sporting event but has rather turned to a talking bird against the Ghana Football Association.

Olympics games, is just about 99 days ahead of us,he should help the association in charge in raising strong contingent for the tourney and stop trying to be good before the public. Nii Lamptey, is gradually creating an impression of making the GFA unpopular before the general public and it looks as if the football body is the target of why he was sent to the office of the ministry.

Nii Lamptey, was in Sunyani two days ago,his attitude made me convinced his tour was only a sham to make the public believed that he was working.Sunyani coronation park, lacks so many logistics for the promotion of other sporting events like Boxing- A region that gave birth to a hero like Nana Yaw Konadu, and instead of the minister to highlight much of his tour on how to put up a boxing ring at the venue , he was there talking about toilet facility and stores and shops around the stadium.

After given orders and empty promises of building a stadium to the people of Sunyani,he left for Kumasi only to hear that instead of tackling an important issues he was only there to talk about match tickets and an insult to a worker that he was a drunkard.

My advice to Nii Lamptey, is that he must be careful because too much diabolical attention against the GFA would divert the purpose why he was brought to that huge office.

He should not make his attention focus too much on GfA-that the''G FA President must buy ticket to watch matches and the FA management members should justified to him why he must paid bonuses to them'',all this isn't part of his duty as a minister.l believe it is only a ploy to sabotage the good work of the GFA and it is only going to hurt the Black stars in the near future not the personnel involved because with or without bonuses Nyantakyi- is what he is and no one can change that.One second of governmental reshuffle could dethrone all you purpose, so think straight.Make sure Ghana have strong and motivated squad for the Olympics games because if they fails to land a single medal at the tournament it will rather expose you.l sometimes don't blame him though because he was once great commentator so he is addicted to talking.

l am done.

Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah