Re: Kalypo challenge, people should give us a break

Akufo Kalyppo File photo of Akufo-Addo sipping Kalypo

Sun, 9 Oct 2016 Source: Ebenezer Adade

By Ebenezer Adade

The last 4 days has seen social media, especially Facebook inundated with selfies of people drinking the fruit juice called Kalypo. These people are mainly supporters of the opposition party NPP.

A picture of their flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, drinking or sipping the fruit juice in his car after a campaign tour in far back 2012 was posted by his opponents in an attempt to mock him. Unfortunately for his detractors, the posting of that picture did not achieve its intended purpose. It has done exactly the opposite which has shown massive support for the NPP flagbearer.

In the wake of the turn of events, his detractors and some so called 'neutrals' have changed the tune of the music and are now portraying the NPP as a non-serious party that is 'playing on social media' whiles serious campaigning is been done by their opponents in the 'villages'.

First of all, it is not as if the NPP leadership sat down and came out with this 'Kalypo challenge' as a 'campaign strategy'. It was a smarter response to what was supposed to be another mockery of their flagbearer who has already been mocked with his height, age, the way he speaks and even the spectacles (lenses) he wears.

Detractors of the NPP flagbearer should just admit they have been outsmarted and stop shifting the goal posts.

Secondly, how long does it even take to post a selfie of one's self sipping Kalypo? Does it take the whole day? So even if you are in the 'villages' campaigning, can't you still take this Kalyppo challenge?

I'm not one of those who believe in the fallacy that the NDC 'knows how to win elections' better than the NPP. Que sera sera. You can campaign from heaven to earth, if you won't win, you won't win. Sh*t happens!! It is as simple as that. If the NDC were that good an electoral machine, they would have won every election in this country. They lost power in 2000. Didn't they campaign in the 'villages' then?

In the last 4 years, I have not seen any politician who has campaigned as vigorously as Dr Bawumia. He has been in almost every village in northern Ghana especially and touched base with the very core of our 'village' folk. Aside that, for those who want 'policies' before they vote, Bawumia has delivered 3 lectures on the economy in the last 4 years.

He has also organized 2 press conferences to respond to reading of the budget by the finance minister. In ALL instances, he provides 'policy' alternatives of the NPP.

He makes all his 'papers' available on the internet and in public libraries for those who are interested to access. I can bet my last pesewa that those calling for the 'policies' of the NPP haven't bothered to even read one of those papers. 3di3n biom Na nipa ny3??. In every public speech that Akufo Addo has made both in Ghana and abroad, he has offered policy alternatives.

In fact, anyone who has cared to follow the NPP flagbearer and his running mate will know that the NPP manifesto is already out there in the public. In any case, I do not even believe 'policies' win elections in this country. In my estimation, more than 80% of the Ghanaian electorate do not vote based on any policy. After all, edey be k3k3 won elections in this country.

Within the last week that the NPP has been accused of 'playing on social media', Nana Addo has been campaigning in the Greater Accra region whiles his wife is campaigning in the Ashanti region, Dr Bawumia has been campaigning in the Central region whiles his wife has been campaigning in the northern region.

Aside that, other campaign groups like Professionals for change, Loyal ladies of the NPP, Nasara Club and Zongos for change have all been on the campaign trail in different parts of the country. The National executives of the party have been putting things together for a successful launch of the party's manifesto tomorrow.

So all these efforts are not enough just because people decided to use less than 5 minutes to post pictures on Facebook?? In any case, can anyone campaign for 24hrs non-stop? Please give us a break!!!

Finally, it is only the politically uninitiated who downplays the role of social media in our politics today. Not only does social media play a crucial role in the politics of our generation, it affects all aspects of our life - sports, business, religion, education etc.

Social media is crucial and has come to stay. Anyone who doesn't recognize this and take advantage of it is mentally weak. The person in the village who doesn't have access to Internet has one vote, same as the person with access to social media. So why should any smart politician concentrate on one group and neglect the other.

In any case, if Facebook was not that important, why did John Mahama organize a Thanksgiving Service for been the 'first Ghanaian President to reach 1 million likes on Facebook' as if there was Facebook during Kwame Nkrumah's time?.

Let the NDC know that they are losing this election. The momentum is with the NPP. Nature has set in motion an agenda of change. You can't just fight fate. The NPP will drink Kalypo on Facebook and still win this election.

Let notice be served that this time around, the NDC will not have the opportunity to do things like 'twenty seven zero' at the 'Finger of God polling station. Mo k) suro ba fam, you will lose this election.

#ChangeIsComing #KalypoChallenge

Columnist: Ebenezer Adade