Opinions Wed, 8 Apr 2015

Nima should not be hauled into religious zealotry

We of the Citizens Social Club of Nima take strong exception of the continued reference to Nima as a haven for potential religious extremism.

Our reaction is in the wake of a call by an Islam scholar, Sheikh Irbard Ibrahim, who made a call for the youth of Nima to be sensitized against Islamic fundamentalism.

His statement is contained in a story on the online news portal, ghanaweb.com, of April 7th 2015 captioned: Perez Chapel supports Agyin-Asare's slam of Islamic fundamentalism

Much as we are against any form of extremism, mentioning the youth of Nima, to us, amounts to profiling them which, if it persists, would lead to prejudice against our cherished community which is home to a local market with international content. This is the Kasoa Mamudu (Mamudu Market) that attracts traders from the sub-region every Wednesday.

We however wish to clearly aver that we agree in substance his assertion of the threat of religious extremism on innocent but gullible youth. He could have cogently driven home his point without necessarily mentioning the name of any community.

We of the Citizens Social Club are thus adding our voice in calling for concerted efforts to nip any potential act of extremism in the bud wherever it raises its ugly head in the country.

Abubakar Garba Osuman

Vice President

Citizens Social Club

Columnist: Abubakar Garba Osuman