Nkrumahism, The Can Of Worms I Opened – Slavery and Racism (3)

Sat, 22 Aug 2015 Source: Baidoo, Philip Kobina

No one doubts the existence of racism; however, utopia is a fantasy. It is only dreamers who can wish for that. We do not live in perfect societies. It has never existed anywhere and I doubt whether it will ever exist in the future. No blacks, no Irish and dogs was the standard clause that went with advertised accommodations, according to the historical records, when black people started coming to England in their numbers after the Second World War. The Irish were treated and despised the same way as the blacks during those times. I am sorry to ask are the Irish any less white than the English? Anybody who has studied the history of the English knows that before they flexed their tentacles across the globe they cut their teeth in Ireland. Their first plantation was in Ireland and it is natural for the conqueror to feel contempt for the conquered. I did allude in my earlier submission that the Ottoman Muslims who used to enslave captured Europeans Christians described them as Christian dogs.

I think I have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that slavery is an evil system that blots the history of humanity, and not any particular race. For anybody to argue that blacks were enslaved, because of racism for the benefit of Western societies is silly and ignorant. I honestly believe they have a score to settle. And I have to repeat again that it is the West engagement in abstract thought that engendered revulsion to this scar on the history of humanity. Other than that we will still be practicing slavery. Even that, as I write slavery is still being practiced in Mali, Mauritania and even Trokosi, which is fundamentally slavery in our own backyard. We cannot even stop Trokosi and Mr Kwarteng has the incredible temerity to accuse capitalism of racism and slavery. Mr Kwarteng who enjoys what is left of the trappings of capitalist America accuses her of being racist. Of all the stupidity and garbage that flows out of his keyboard this is his worst. I expect someone who is half educated to make that silly accusation.

It is important to note that it was only in the West, with the advent of capitalism mainly in Britain, which developed the moral indignation towards the institution of slavery. So I repeat again the question that people should rather ask is why it took more 1700 hundred years after the Sermon on the Mount for Christian Britain to develop moral aversion towards slavery.

If American society is still racist does it make sense when the same racist America allows characters like Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and many more to flourish? In my first rebuttal to Mr Kwarteng’s childish stupidity that cater to the ignorance of his lieutenants who sing his praise like sycophants, I made a statement to the effect that capitalism does a better job of curbing racism than any laws could. I, therefore, think it is quite sensible to argue that capitalism promotes superior ability. And, of course, it is the basis of their success. Oprah was discovered as a news caster and she went on to build her multibillion dollar empire. It was her ability that opened doors for her. Let’s assume at the time she had her breakthrough America was still racist per Mr Kwarteng’s silliness. In that case is it not reasonable to argue that her employers employed her, because they realised she could draw more television audience, which could earn them more profit. Because of her employers desire to make profit she gets a job as news anchor lady. Mind you the population of America is only 13.2% black. It is quite obvious that that percentage couldn’t deliver the $3 billion she is reputed to be worth; it came from both black and white. Yet, when the stupidity of a misfit like Tyson earns $300 million during his boxing carrier and blows everything it is racism that led to that. When Michael Jackson lived extravagantly knowing well that his chosen profession is always in transition. Now, his record sales plummet, perhaps due to his own silliness of playing with kids in his bed. Despite the fact that he was given earlier warning to desist from that unacceptable behaviour, and then turn around to accuse Sony records of racism. It is only silly people like Mr Kwarteng who will believe this nonsense. Remember his out of court settlement with Jordy Chandler? However, when he was being promoted earlier and selling records in the hundreds of millions and raking in his green backs traces of racism was nowhere to be found.

The NBA that is dominated by blacks was not achieved through affirmative action. It is because when the first black player broke the barrier it would have been suicidal for any would be capitalist team owner to ignore the incredible talent of the black players. They dominated the game by merit. The same applies to the major league. How did Jackie Robinson break into the major league? The fact is racism was still rife. It was because of what his white capitalist team owners could get out him that made them employ his services to play as first base for Brooklyn Dodgers. Does anybody think that they loved him? To hell with that, but the most important things is that Robinson benefited as well as the Brooklyn dodgers.

Currently, at least, there are five fortune five hundred companies headed by black people, which is not that much. The question is how did they get there if America is still racist? God save me from such useless silly intellectual. The first primary Obama won was in Iowa, a predominantly white state, yet they chose him ahead of other white candidates including the former first lady Hilary Clinton. During his campaign he was quizzed whether his chances will be scuppered because of racism, and he countered that if he does not succeed it’s because he didn’t run a good campaign.

At a point in time Hollywood was accused of racism, because it was not offering black artist leading roles. Of course, Hollywood businessmen are capitalist they cater to their clients – the film consumers. If the clients they serve are racist they are going to be racist. What is the point in making a movie with black leading actors if it will not fetch at the box office? It is completely unmitigated fool who will act like that. However, in later years when Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington et al became blockbuster actors they were offered some of the best script, and became part of the highest Hollywood earners.

If Hollywood which used to be very exclusive could open its doors to Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy etc. then everything is possible. Mr Kwarteng, tell the black child to take his studies seriously and not think about wearing a $200 trainers and pushing drugs. It is not racism that is causing the high rate of teenage pregnancies out of wedlock. The fact is the epidemic did not exist until LBJ started his socialist welfare programme. It is the welfare system, which makes it easier to get by when people engage in this rather self-destructive lifestyle. And when they get trapped they turn round to blame America of being racist.

If Americans are racist how did they elect Obama? Obama won in Virginia against a ‘pure bred’ white military hero. It’s only a person who is intellectually brain dead who after all these evidence will accuse America of racism. It is strange that Mr Kwarteng could not ask himself this simple question before broaching this twaddle unmitigated foolishness. God save me from such a useless intellectual that I am wasting my time to rebut his infinite idiocy like his god Noam Chomsky. In every society, irrespective of their circumstances, there will be people who will be prejudiced in their behaviour. In Somalia, the population is basically 100% Muslim. They speak almost the same language. The only recognised differences are their insignificant Bantu population and the clannish division like, for example, what pertain among our Akan tribe. Yet, this negligible differences has succeeded in fracturing the nation for more than two decades and nothing seems to work to bring them back together.

For those who followed the Obama presidential campaign will quite remember that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and rest of the race hustlers were not enthusiastic about his candidacy. I was surprise that the first black candidate who had the best chance at the presidency was not attracting enthusiasm from these people. Then I realised that his winning will be the end of their raison d'être as race peddlers. Out of the window was their alibi of racism. President of the United States is the greatest office on earth. There are not enough black people in America to put him in the White House. His election was down to white votes. Anybody who peddles this lame excuse of racism should be some illiterate, but not a well educated person like Mr Kwarteng. Grow up Mr Kwarteng, together with your blind followers.

‘Did Mr. Baidoo, Jr. ever hear of ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy and other European leaders saying France (and the rest of Europe) should do more to provide opportunities for minorities in the wake of Obama’s election?’ The latter twaddle statement is what Mr Kwarteng posed in the rebuttal I am dealing with. This was just a president playing to his gallery and Mr Kwarteng was excited about it. My question is what did he do about it? It was big nothing. I remember when Joseph Eugene Stiglitz said that the deck is stack against Africans when they go to the World Bank for loans. I wrote about that silly statement, and over a decade down the line I have been vindicated by the drama going on in Greece. The irony is that he did not do anything about it when he was there as a senior vice president and economist. When they say this things less thoughtful race hustlers like Mr Kwarteng pick them up and make a living out of it while their people perish. Continue to blame others for our poor state and we continue in our abject poverty till thy kingdom come. Thank you for your patience.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr



Columnist: Baidoo, Philip Kobina