Nkrumahism, The Can Of Worms I Opened – Slavery and Racism (5)

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 Source: Baidoo, Philip Kobina

Anybody who thinks that the advancement of humanity is acceptable even when it is achieve on the crushing of other people’s skull needs to think twice. No tons of words he writes can convince me as a civil libertarian. That person, to me, is just pure evil in human flesh. They say capitalism is exploitative, yet they want to replace it with the enslavement of people with superior ability. Solving evil with evil; that is great.

Now, Mr Kwarteng accuses capitalist America of being racist and their main proponent in America – the Republicans. These idiots forget that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln. It was rather the democrats who wanted to continue slavery in the South that led to the American civil war. Go check your history Mr Kwarteng. As an intellectual if you dealing with an issue like slavery and racism you don’t throw tantrum like a teenager who has just discovered that his ancestors were enslaved by his current masters.

As late as the mid 60s the racist tendencies of the Democrats were exhibited in the voting of the Civil Rights Act. 64% of democrats voted for the civil Act of 1964 while more than a whopping 80% Republicans voted for it. Anybody reading these figures should ponder and if you think I am lying do yourself a favour, if you are in America, by trekking to the library of congress to cross check it.

For me, any intellectual who peddles racism is like an adult who is controlled by teenage hormonal rush and refuses to grow. The Roman senator Cicero told his fellow countryman, Atticus, not to buy slaves from Britain, because they were difficult to teach. In effect, Atticus was being told the Brits were thickhead, inferior and stupid. Two thousand years down the line, in the earlier part of the last century, the WASPs believed that the new immigrants coming from Eastern and Southern Europe, that is including Italy where Cicero came from, were inferior and a threat to the American Way. This stupid line of thinking was encouraged by groups who argued that science proved that these new immigrants were inferior. From this it is obvious that it is only people who don’t have functional brains, and lack historical facts who peddle these cheap innuendoes like Mr Kwarteng and his cohorts.

Mr Kwarteng asked me one of his silly questions that he cannot have enough of. He wrote, ‘(See Donnell Alexander’s piece “Racism Literally Costs America $2 Trillion…Ready to Stop Payment?”)? Has Mr. Baidoo, Jr. seen the W.K. Kellog Foundation Report “The Business Cost for Racial Equity (Quantifies the Cost of Racism in the US)?’ Mr Kwarteng cannot think deep for himself. He is unable to make the intellectual leap of grasping the other side of the argument. Every now and then black people go on demonstration and they attack their neighbourhood convenient stores, destroy offices and loot businesses. When they do that what business should then absorb the black unemployed or establish new businesses? Ask yourself an honest question devoid of your hatred for my position. Will you establish a business in a neighbourhood that will smash and loot it when justice stumbles? Mr Kwarteng, as childish and shallow minded as he is, picks up the interpretation of such silly statistics and runs with it. Why do you have to attack your own neighbourhood when a crooked white policeman is acquitted? That is beyond me. Mr Kwarteng read De Soto and he saw heaven open. On the other hand, I read it and I saw complete nonsense. He reads Paul Krugman and he starts to sing ‘Kumbaya’. I read Krugman and I saw the storm gathering. He reads Piketty and he shouts hallelujah while I saw nothing but gloom. Data needs to be interpreted. However, in the case of De Soto, he had enormous amount of data from all over the globe, just like Piketty, but their interpretation of the data is complete nonsense. Don’t let people think for you; think for yourself Mr Kwarteng.

Black income statistics prior to Lyndon B Johnson introducing his socialist welfare policies was on a veritable rise. The policy acted just like the magician’s stage trick that produced a lot of razzmatazz for a short while; however, it sent the blacks on their way to perdition. The destruction of black families in America started with the welfare system in America. The welfare programme instituted in the 60s was the death knell of the black family. A similar trend is ongoing in Britain, this time not black families, but white families on welfare. Get a book by Anthony Daniels, who goes by the pen name Theodore Dalrymple, ‘Life At The Bottom’ and get a grip of the devastation of the welfare system. But stupid and silly socialist like Mr Kwarteng thinks that to improve the lot of the unfortunate victims of the social welfare system more of the same should be done. It is insane; the welfare system has been going on for 50 years now, and it has not change the conditions of black people. In reality it has made it worse. Welfare system has destroyed black cities like Detroit, which used to be prosperous. Socialism is a formula for destruction it doesn’t matter the racial conditions of the society. The best way to destroy a society without a bomb is socialism.

The under-performance of black children in America is the bad schools that the government provides, which an idiot like Kwarteng thinks is the key to all humanities problems – big government. Milton Friedman came up with a solution, which the Scandinavian countries have adopted and works fine, but the teacher unions in America will not allow it to be adopted nationwide even though black parents love it. The current bad standard of education provided by the state in black communities in America is the key to the destruction of black families, yet they will blame it on slavery and racism. How can children go to school with guns and knives? Can anybody with brains comprehend this? Did slavery produce that?

Mr Kwarteng will clutch unto straws that is not even there. He asked me a question whether I know some states wanted to secede from the American union if Obama won in 2012. In every society there is bound to be vagrants like some of the southerners in our own country who feel superior towards our northern brothers. There are always numskulls who will always make such threats. Reagan was shot, though fortunately he survived, but he was blue eyed American. There is always going to be extremist ideologue like himself who will go to that length. Reagan was hated so much that someone was able to carry out his threat. The same apply to Kennedy. There were people who hated him so much they carried it out and succeeded. Obama wiped out McCain even in North Carolina. What changed in between is his silly Obamacare.

You can legislate against racism, but not from the heart of a racist. But if he is got to pay a price for his racial attitude he will think twice before acting on it. Most racism occurs in institutions where the perpetrators don’t personally pay a price for their actions, especially directors of government institutions. As a civil libertarian I don’t mind if someone wants to act on his racism. A racist can choose to indulge in his personal prejudice, for example, when he can hire a black employee for $6 per hour, and because of his racial attitude he goes to employ white crew that will cost him $10 an hour he will pay a price. If he can afford to engage in such stupidity, who am I to question his choice? That will be his cup of tea. It is the government meddling in business with minimum wage and all those stringent labour laws that allow those racist employers to get away with their racism.

You ask yourself the question why wouldn’t a bank that is in business to make money not lend to black people. Will the repayment of a black mortgagor be any less green than a white client? Do you think a bank going under will not be happy to receive repayments from black people? These are the ranting of insane lefties who cannot use their brains to think outside the box. Will it surprise Mr Kwarteng to know that some of the banks that were investigated and found to discriminate against black people were owned by blacks? A person like Mr Kwarteng cannot get through his stupidity that those bankers are in business to make profit and will not offer loans to people who cannot pay. They are not in business to lend money to clients with bad credit history etc. If Kwarteng is incensed about that he should go and set up his own bank and give loans to people with suspicious credit history.

NBA is mainly played by black players who sign prodigious lucrative contracts. Does that mean that the owners of the NBA teams, who are mostly whites, are racist towards their fellow white people? The alibi of racism is destroying black people in America and Britain, please stop this stupidity.

Transatlantic slavery was abominable. Racism is evil without a question, for example, the vile activities of the Ku Klux Klan. It is good to know that all these things happened, but dwelling on them or using them as an alibi is not going to help anybody. The inhumanity that was visited on the Koreans by the Japanese was unimaginable. The question is did they dwell on it and used it as a clutch. They put it behind them and wrestled with the future.

It is the silly articles of a person like Mr Kwarteng who stoke up racial tension and animosity that does not help black people, but rather leave them bitter. What the black Americans are going through currently is nothing unique. The Irish went through similar problems in the past when they arrived in their numbers after the potato farming in Ireland. They did not blame their plight on the English. Their leaders took charge and dealt with the problem. They say when you continue to blame other people for your problems you become a passive moron, especially in a place like America where black people from Africa come to make a decent life for themselves.

These apostles of doom like Mr Kwarteng instead of preaching self-reliance, self-determination, hard-work, deferment of gratification they preach that it is the white man that is keeping you down. America owes you because of slavery and the black child grows up filled with bitterness, which does nothing but destroy his soul. The stupid policies of socialism have destroyed the black family, black schools and security in black neighbourhood. And once these institutions are destroyed there is nothing that can make up for it.

I do not have the slightest respect for people like Mr Kwarteng and his ilk who run away from the destitution that their god left mother Ghana to go and enjoy the blessings of capitalism in America and then turn around to the bite the finger that fed them with gusto. Are they not being fools to go to a country that they believe to exploit black people? They know themselves, these dregs of intellectuals who just hate, and, for me, are just sprawling fifth columns in America’s democracy just like their uncle Noam Chomsky. If they hate capitalism so much there are countless failing countries that practice that stupid system they espouse. Hypocrisy is even worse than a murderer. I hope next time they will tell me Philip we have moved to Cuba or maybe North Korea. Other than that they

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr



Columnist: Baidoo, Philip Kobina