Nkrumaist Parties need to be serious

Wed, 11 Jul 2012 Source: Tamakloe, Kojo

- Time for Change Kojo Tamakloe

“THE CONVENTION People’s Party (CPP) has promised every household in the country free chicken if the party wins the upcoming general elections” This is the heading of a purported election promise from the Nkrumaist party ,CPP. What a cheap shot? What a cheek?

Day in day out we read of Judgment debts from the courts that astound the average Ghanaian . The CP debt that resulted in Ghana assets being seized over seas . The Woyome saga that took the lid off the judgment debts . Then there is the AAL and now the AMA , not to mention others . Judgment debts represent money down the drain of a poor country that as late as 2001 was HIPC .

Ghana has been through a lot because of mismanagement and we all complain , and complain. We have had coups and through anger and frustration shot the leaders who caused the mess. Now we have a so called democracy which we believe should foster in prosperity. But what do we get ? Is it a hi jacking of the process by a group of people called politicians , better still con artists who take Ghanaians for granted and so put us on a joy ride?

NPP ‘s 6 years of Akuffo addo, and all we get is ‘ all die be die” , yen Akan fo , Kill Ewes , Kill Gas. From all the destructive and negative noise comes “ we shall make SHS FREE. When you ask how will you pay for it , the answer is insults and tribal labels . The genesis of most of these judgment debts comes from this party . We know they have never been a respecter of laws . They do not believe Blacks can manage their own affairs. So they run to the Queen, and now they run to the USA, UK , Germany for photo ops , to impress us they are with massa ,“ Obroni” . They started by throwing bombs and killing school children . Those are the democrats and the “ law abiding party” . Where are they now ? in the 21st century or in the 20th or 16 th century.? So they want a re harsh of Free tuition which they abolished in 1969 and industrialization which they opposed. Hurray , NPP is waking up at last. Why must we crawl at the pace of NPP? What are their programs to put us at par with Malaysia, Singapore, S Korea, India, Brazil.? No one can say . They blame NDC for high unemployment when a senior member, Osafo Marfo says “ it is NOT the job of government to create jobs’ . But we need jobs so what do they want power for? Why do they not follow the party principle of private ownership and stop running after government jobs? Why could they not buy the Accra Mall. ? How many factories have the started ? Why could they not even manage profitably Ghana airways? We are tired of the finger pointing. SHOW US WHAT YOU ARE COMPETENT AT

Then comes the NDC or is it NDP ? so far they cannot even put their house in order. It is all a distraction. That is what some one will call a “ cacophony of sounds” How do we have a melody where there is so much discord? Our systems have been destroyed and they need to be put back in shape. This was our hope knowing nothing good comes from the NPP . But they want to compete with the NPP as to who is worse at the evils . Their leaders cannot see eye to eye. They cannot see the difference between a contract and no contract , but we have PROFESSORS in their midst . Is it corruption or ineptitude? They all fill the air with NOISE , and NOISE . If you cannot find peace in your house , how can you bring about development?

The CPP should be the savior. Honestly I think we should suspend political parties and make a neutral person the Interim Head, who should clean up the system in two years before we resume political activity again. But the Chief Justice who should be the person to clean house has her hands dripping in it herself . The CPP who has a track record of achievements should be the one to fill the void. Building 40 hundred factories in 9 years, with 3 universities, polytechnics, High schools, Ghana Commercial Bank ,STC, Motorways, high ways , bridges, 2 dams with one at that time the biggest man made lake in the world, is no mean achievement. Then we hear the statement about chicken for all Ghanaians . As some one wrote “ give me fish and I eat for a day , teach me to fish and I eat for a life time” . If the CPP wants to be taken seriously then they must come up with serious programs . Ghana is Not for clowns. Ghana needs to wake up and take its rightful position in the world. The founder Dr Kwame Nkrumah , a BIG THINKER ,is watching from his heavenly abode .Let us not let him down .

Forward ever, backward never

The writer Kojo tamakloe is an Nkrumaist and Pan Africanist who believes it is the Nkrumaist doctrine that will salvage Africa through Unity

Columnist: Tamakloe, Kojo