No Choice

Sun, 23 Sep 2012 Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

Life is tough, life is rough

Yet nobody gives up the struggle

Wave after wave

Tsunami after tsunami

Life’s journey continues to an unknown destination

We duck blow after blow till we grow old

Then we reflect and sigh

Life is short, life is sweet

With all its buffeting and bumping

It provides its buffer zones,

Sweet breaks and chinks of ecstasies

In Ghana, and everywhere

There is no choice

For the youth unemployed

They wake up with vacant stares

Life scares them in the face

They see nightmares in the day

As they grieve their lives are wasted by the day

Hanging on to the precipice of hope

They congregate and may dope

To make them feel good like a pope,

Yes, they have to cope

But not by suicide elope

Nor in darkness, sin and ignorance grope

Life is rough, life is tough

You have no choice

But to wake up early

To hit the road running

In pursuit of daily bread

Sometimes you jam luck

Sometimes you draw a blank

You think you are dumped in a septic tank

There is no blank cheque to the bank

Our youth start to scrounge around

They scratch and scrape

Looking for opportunities

It’s no easy road

They have an uneasy load

But for the rich in Ghana

Poverty is a fairy tale

They sleep steep at their leisure

Money pours into their bank accounts

The poor have no such pleasure

But to wake up early looking for holy grain

You begin to wonder

Is it brawn versus brain

In this life struggle

Or crookedness against truthfulness?

Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta