No One Can Manage The Political Force Of Rawlings

Tue, 1 Nov 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

.... Except God- Part Two

Those who count the number of EXILES and DETAINEES under Rawlings must also count the VICTIMS of the COWARDLY and SENSELESS BOMB OUTRAGES by the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today. It was these senseless bomb throwings which compelled Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government to send the Preventive Detention Bill to Parliament to be passed into law and it was known as the Preventive Detention Act of 1958. Ghana had her independence in 1957, BUT in 1958 Mr. R.R. Amponsah infiltrated the Ghana Army and attempted a coup de’tat which was foiled in 1958 just one year after Independence so that law had to be passed to prevent the young nation from being mangled at birth.

Members of the opposition NPP must also count the number of EXILES, DETAINEES and MISSING PEOPLE after the violent overthrow of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on 24th Feb. 1966 when Gen. Afrifa and Gen. Kotoka were bribed with 13 million dollars by the America C.I.A. to remove Nkrumah, it is rather unfortunate that we have one Malik Kweku Baako who claim to be an Nkrumahist but is rather ¼ Nkrumahist and ¾ UP member, as he was the un-official spokesman of the NPP whose forebears overthrew the great CPP government, sold all the state enterprises to themselves cronies and relatives and finally crippled Ghana between 1966 – 13th Jan. 1972. We again have another journalist in the person of Alhaji Bature who is also ¾ CPP and ¼ NDC member seriously moving Heaven and Earth to always catch the eyes of President Mills while condemning the Rawlingses and all what they stand for – he will fail woefully and fall flat on his belly – you mark my words. When the NDC was on the verge of winning the 2008 general election, leading members of the NPP were busy looking for DEAD BODIES in a mortuary, so that they could claim that their polling agents had been KILLED by the NDC and that would have destroyed or cancelled the 2008 general election.

That is the NPP for you. It failed only when President Kufour urged the contending parties to respect the Authority of the Electoral Commission in his New Year Message to Ghanaian. At the end of the day, NDC won with ONLY 40,000 votes which was a very SLIM MARGIN. The NDC won in 8 Regions while the NPP won in only two Regions namely Ashanti Region – “Mate-Meho” National Headquarters and the Eastern Region which is the Regional Headquarters of “Mate - Meho” even there, the NDC got over 40% of the total votes cast in 2008.

This achievement showed that the NDC is truly a NATIONAL PARTY that will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2012 after retaining President Mill s on the ticket of the NDC not the CPP. Now, who are those trying unsuccessfully to rock the boat by trying to “manage the political force of Rawlings” in the NDC – a party he founded since 1992? They Are the Detractors and Enemies of the Great NDC. Answer (1) they are the bad advisors of Prez. Mills. (2) They are those who eat with both hands. (3) They are those who does not respect NDC footsoldiers including this writer. (4) They are the Number one enemies of Prez. Mills. (5) They are the selfish people in the party no matter who they are. (6) They are those who have suddenly forgotten how we all suffered to win power in 2008. (7) They are the self-confessed opportunists in the party no matter who they are. (8) They are people who cannot see Anything beyond their stomachs (9) They are those who are in bed with the opposition NPP money bags and (10) They are those who Envy Prez. Mills Presidency and therefore want him to become a ONE TERM PRESIDENT, but they lie bad – they will all fail. I owe nobody an apology in this if you are part of all those are described above in this article because anybody who fits the above description of mine is a professional sycophant who is more dangerous than a coup plotter in this country. Stop Press: Are some parliamentary candidates preaching CPP manifestos instead of the NDC manifesto in their campaigns? They will all lose if it is true.

We campaigned DAY and NIGHT vigorously for Prof. Mills to win the 2008 elections in order to create Jobs, fix the economy and fulfill the promises enshrined in the NDC manifesto, and he has started doing just that.

We never elected him to collapse the PNC and the CPP and turn them into one party-while relegating Jerry Rawlings and His wife to the background.

We never expected ANY POWER STRUGGLE between FONKAR members and GAME members in the NDC. We elected Prez. Mills to serve his two 4 years terms and hard over in 2017 to another NDC presidential candidate and not for him TO DO AWAY WITH THE RAWLINGSES AT ALL. We must patch up for the sake of the great NDC or go back to opposition in 2012 to enable those so called CPP members to pitch camp with Madam Yaaba Saamia and her brother Sekou Nkrumah while the Cadres, footsoldiers and floating voters, remain in the NDC with Rawlings still the Founder of the NDC-period. Rawlings political Force can never be managed by anybody except God. Is that clear? Is Any body Listening? I am done. Aluta Continua

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement