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No matter how long God's promise to one takes to materialise, it'll surely come to pass

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Mon, 14 Sep 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Many a time has one to whom a promise of God has been given, and revealed to, gets worried and doubtful when it takes ages to manifest. However, God is not like a human being who reneges on their promises made, or sorry to say, goes back to lick their sputum as the dog licks back its vomit. God keeps to His promise made provided he who to whom it is made, keeps faith with Him.

In the bible, it is told that Isaac had decided to bless his elder son Esau. However, Jacob, the younger son, was collusively aided by his mother to usurp the blessings intended for Esau by their father Isaac. Once the blessings were gone to Jacob, there was nothing anymore that Isaac could do to help his beloved son Esau, when he became aware of the trickery played on him by Jacob. Nevertheless, God is not like a human being that tricks can be played on Him. He keeps to His promises.

Now, here is the true story that comes to give hope to many to whom God's promises have been revealed to but who get doubtful about their fulfilment because of the length of time they take to come to pass. Once in a church, their International Head who doubled as the Overlord Prophet passed away. This church has over a thousand true prophets. Whenever the leader dies, all the prophets from the various branches or those selected from the branches, do meet in prayers, looking forward to, or waiting on God, to appoint a replacement leader for the church.

In this story, when the Leader of the Church died, most of the church members preferred say, Opayin Kwasi, to take up the mantle of leadership. This man was, and is still, the Head of their international choristers. His songs and voice are said to cause miracles in the lives of people.

While prayers were going on to confirm the selection of Opayin Kwasi, or for God to choose a replacement leader, the Head Prophet, say Opayin Kofi, without waiting for the results of their prayers, emerged to inform the worldwide church members that God has revealed to him to become the Leader of the Church. This move by him annoyed many in the church, causing some of them to split away to form their own church.

The result of their prayers favoured Opayin Kwasi but Opayin Kofi resorted to court action and his connections with powerful traditional overlords to be confirmed the leader of the church. The most weird but interesting thing is, Opayin Kwasi and Opayin Kofi are brothers of same parentage with the former being the elder, followed immediately by the latter, the younger, by birth. What a similitude of the biblical Esau and Jacob issue.

The senior brother did not join those quitting the church to form their own church because of the ungodly action taken by Opayin Kofi to become the leader of the church contrary to their laid down processes or procedures and the wish of God.

In the end, after many years of Opayin Kofi taken up the leadership in an illegal manner, God's promise to Opayin Kwasi has come to pass. Opayin Kofi is dead. Opayin Kwasi has been appointed the Acting Head of the Church while the prophets have met in prayers waiting on God for final direction.

They are doing exactly what the Roman Catholic church does, causing a meeting of the College of Cardinals to choose a replacement Pope when a Pope dies or resigns. They are doing exactly what the Church of Pentecost does when its apostles meet to choose their International Chairman when one Chairman's term of office comes to an end. They do so through prayers for God's guidance and choice through a prophecy. This is especially so with the Church of Pentecost and the Truth Faith Church or their sister church, the Saviour Church of Ghana.

The True Faith Church and the Saviour Church of Ghana are both known to many in Ghana as "Gyidi Asore" or "Gyidifo3".

Fellow Ghanaians and Christians, never be despaired when God's promise to you takes long coming for it will surely come in God's own appointed time. Let the story of Opayin Kwasi give you hope!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo