Nobody is forcing Charlotte Osei out of her post; her character is

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Wed, 6 Jul 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I have just chanced upon a publication in which Allotey Jacobs of NDC is decrying the attitude of Ghanaians wanting to hound out Charlotte Osei from her position as the Chair of the Electoral Commission.

It is just unfortunate that none of the NDC faithful is ever ready to tell the truth by calling the spade a spade. These NDC sycophants and bigots, of whom Allotey Jacobs stands out conspicuously, will always go the extra miles to twist the truth all for what they would like to, or stand to, get, as selfish individuals walking with their stomach.

Why can’t they-for once-tell the truth by reprimanding or correcting one of their own when the person errs or veers off the right path? Is it not said, “It does not belong to he who is leading to redirect their steps?” If the one following from behind decides, as wicked and ignorant as they may be, as it is in the case of Allotey Jacobs and Charlotte Osei, not to redirect the one leading, the follower must equally have him or herself to blame.

One thing the Akan elders have made me understand, by way of proverbial admonition to their young daughters going into marriage is, “your beauty will take you into marriage, but your character shall bring you back”.

By this, they seek to advise their daughters to be very respectful and obedient to their husbands and the entirety of the husband’s family/relatives. The daughters should not spend their days lazing around but rather be industrious, helping the husband to enable both of them, the married couple, to attain their conjugal objectives in peace.

From the advice as just revealed, if the daughter by way of being irresponsibly disrespectful, doing things her own way as and when she chooses, trying to control the husband in absolute disregard of their conjugal conviviality, and in so doing the marriage breaks down and she gets sent away, who is to blame? Is it not the woman herself because of her deplorable behaviour? Should you blame the husband for chucking her out? No!!!

Similarly, who is to blame for the insults being heaped on Mrs Charlotte Osei? Who is to blame for the public outcry demanding for her resignation or sacking? Has this woman not behaved so irresponsibly, completely having no regard for the institution she heads and the collective interests of the people of Ghana?

This woman thinks because she was appointed by President Mahama, she has the absurd obligation to do the bidding of the NDC and President Mahama instead of maintaining the neutrality of her institution (Electoral Commission).

Does she not think she has the power to do whatever she wants without the least consideration of the interests of the majority of the people of Ghana? By all her attitudes and actions, is she not trying to collude with NDC to rig the upcoming 2016 elections in favour of President Mahama and the NDC?

Is Charlotte Osei not being disrespectful to the Supreme Court and the people of Ghana? Has she not been warned by Supreme Court Justice Sule N. Gbadegbe that she risks plunging Ghana into trouble because of her intransigent behaviour of doing what she wants instead of operating within the laws as may be regulated by the Supreme Court?

There is no need spending my precious time on this obnoxious woman who is a shame to womanhood.

Back to Allotey Jacobs, another liar and a nation wrecker, be it known that nobody wants to kick Charlotte Osei out of office but her own autocratic behaviour bordering on mischievousness, illegalities, biases and corruption is what is forcing her out of her position if she does get kicked out.

Please readers, refer to the underlying web link to see what Allotey Jacobs had to say which has merited this rebut you have just read.


Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson