Northerners Are Not Bulldozers To Be Used

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

By Any Political Party In Ghana

Political plat forms are solely meant for political parties and their supporters to air their manifestos to the electorate and canvass for their votes in A VERY CIVILISED manner. However plat forms are not meant to be launching pads of slanderous projectiles, intimidating and threats with the aim of INCITING PEOPLE TO WAR. By so doing, Northerners are always USED by some political parties to threaten and intimidate innocent people during general elections in Ghana.

Such people are called “ Macho Men” and the two main political parties the NDC and the NPP are the worst offenders, and so whenever political violence take place, it is these Northerners who always DIE Freely-Are Northerners the only strongest people in Ghana? NO.

Those Northerners who call themselves “Macho men and women” will always DIE FREELY WHEN SUCH POLITICAL VIOLENCE ERUPTS, and it is their relatives- AND NOT THE POLITICAL PARTIES, WHO will buy “MACHO COFFINS” and bury them in Macho graves alright. It is far better for Northerners to always stay behind and allow the Southerners to take the FRONT LINE in future confrontations because when these political parties come to power-they always sideline Northerners at the grassroots nationwide. Let the Southerners also DIE SMALL. Reason MUST supersede EMOTIONS in the country’s political life because MOST POLITICIANS ARE TOO INCLINED TO CONDUCT THEIR POLITICAL AFFAIRS MORE WITH SELFISH INTERESTS RATHER THAN THE NATIONAL INTEREST. Oh! Yes, this is 100% TRUE, because we all saw it happen under the NPP government led by Ex-President Kufour from Jan-2001 to December 2008, Today 2011, we are witnessing the same thing in the NDC II government under President Mills where some of his appointees including DCE’s and MCE’s, most constituency and Regional Executives of the ruling party are busily DOING BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY in the name of “their government”.Corruption is in its worst form in the body Politic today –is it the fault of the NPP again because they are now in opposition?

Therefore Northerners are NOT BULLDOZERS to be used by political parties and dumped after winning power in this country. President Mills contested the Presidential elections for 3 times and finally won in his 3rd attempt , but most NDC gurus have suddenly forgotten where we came from where we are going and even how to get there.

Those who mis-inform the President must know that they are NOT only undermining the President ALONE, but the government and the party which was voted into power to steer the affairs of this Nation for 4 years and if the government performs well, the mandate of the President will be renewed for another 4 years, but if he delivers BITTER GHANA instead of a BETTER GHANA that he promised to deliver, they will vote him out of office. Unfortunately, most of HIS own appointees are rather delivering a BITTER GHANA instead of the BETTER GHANA promised by the President to the good people of Ghana. Because of the Godliness and Extreme leniency of the sitting President, his own appointees and confidants are chopping into his beard by greedily using his name to enrich themselves and turn round to mis-inform him about the real situation on the ground. This is very shameful and disgraceful they must be identified and dismissed no matter whom they are.


I am appealing to the President to use his good offices to approve the salaries of Ghana’s parliamentarians because their work is very tedious. The GH¢7,000 proposed by the MP’s is even too small because these MP’s are going to share these monies with members of their various Constituencies, and at the end of the day , these MP’s will be lucky enough to even get away with GH¢ 40 each. I further suggest that all those who are paid under Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution should have their salaries published in the Newspapers for all Ghanaians to SEE and NOT to hold our LEGISLATORS HOSTAGE because they will seek re-elections back to parliament. If they are given 3,000 dollars, then the MP’s must be given free cars and free petrol because Democracy is very Expensive, even in war torn Liberia their MPS are paid 14 thousand dollars a month. I am done.






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement