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Tue, 17 Dec 2013 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

Upon all Sampson foolishness we still blame Delilah that is how the world is people always put blame on one other, even it was in existence when Adam sinned he blamed God for given him Eve, Eve also blamed God for creating the snake and the snake should also blamed who? If your parents are fools does that means that you are a fool? Only black Africans I repeat only black Africans won't learn sense from the past so always fooling themselves why am I saying so? Since the time immemorial black Africans has been victimized to Europeans sinister but still never learn sense and always following their ways, from slavery to colonization, genocide, tribal wars, etc are there to teach us lessons.

J.E. Kwegir Aggrey said something about African, I quote: “My people of Africa, we were created in the image of God, but men have made us think we are chickens, and still we think we are, but we are Eagles. Don't content with the food for chickens! Stretch forth your wings and fly!" J.E Kwegir Aggrey was speaking to Africans and for that matter Ghanaians as well, he was speaking as one who have vision for his people, he was speaking as one who knew the westerners way of thinking about Africans but yet still we encomium them we still called them our friends but in their minds they see us as their worst enemies.

Kwegir Aggrey said that Ghanaians and Africans as a whole, don’t content with the food for chickens because we are not chickens but rather humans created by YHWH, and my question is are we not content with the food for chickens? The answer is big yes with capital (B), if we are content with the food for chickens, then it means we as people of Africa and Ghana to be precise are chickens yes with capital , why should it happened upon all our resource we are still chickens to the Europeans? After they abolished the slave trade they replaced it with colonization and after independence, they introduce war, upon all those mishaps and, the chaos they have caused in Africa the continent cannot rise on its own so African leaders seek something called foreign AID from western countries and remember, if the Devil promise to give you 10 percent of something, there are two things involve either he will demand 20 percent from you or you will succumb to his decisions so anything he tells you, you will do it or you give out your property and this is what is going in Africa or Ghana.

This is how the world market is about, in the world market the more you destroy your opponent the more your things are been purchase on high prices ever since the Europeans came in contact with black Africans they have found many ways to tarnish their image, example is the Evolution of Charles Darwin and his bogus scientist propounded, the idea behind the evolution simple means black people are not humans they are less evolved, so they started publishing books that can destroy the image of Africans, the more they tried to tarnish our image the more YHWH intervene for us. In their various meetings they planned how to destroy black people but our God is God who never allowed their plans to succeeded in Akan language they called Him Onyankr)pong, in Ewe language they called Him Mawu, in Ga language they called Him Attaanyomo is true that our ancestors knew God, so God also never allowed their evil purpose to succeeded. These entire unscrupulous acts happened when you and I were not born, how it is reflecting in our lives today? The evolution theory led to something called race and racism came out of race, racism is the last weapon to defeat the blacks, but this time they are not doing it alone but have got support from the east, the reason been that the east who never came to contact with Africans copied everything from the west and have lied about it and are saying that is their history now you see how the trend is going, so whom to trust east or west?

At times I asked myself so many question concerning black Africans upon all what these people are doing to us we still follow them, we still trade with them, upon all what they did and what they’re doing to us, another question also popped my mind why African leaders perform poorly when they elected as president, ministers, mps etc, African leaders steals the nation money and deposited in western countries, why they don’t care about their citizens? The new slavery system has taken over in our modern era, in this era is not about selling your follow human being to them, but selling your conscience to them. Then if modern slavery is about selling one conscience to the westerners then it means many Africa leaders have sold their conscience to them? Apparently yes. What I’m saying it takes critical thinkers and nature incliners to understand and know that am speaking the truth. Now Africans leaders have sold their conscience to the westerners, so the leaders are enemies to their citizens, so now Ghanaians or Africans are still slaves to west through their leaders. They have set our leaders as billboard but in reality they are still operating their slavery system and at this time with our prominent people of which some people consider them as literate in our society, that is why in my early written I stated that Ghana education is pseudo education with pseudo intellectuals it will be hard for any educational elites in Ghana to identify this if am lying.

Someone will tell me that, what I’m saying is rhetoric because there is no evidence. In United State of America system of government if you’re a governor and you refused to go by some secret society in USA constitution then definitely you will be assassinate example is J.F. Kennedy, if you want more information read this book, THE SECRET TERRORIST, the Author of the book name is BILL HUGHS. These people have the upper hand in all the biggest institution in the world talking of IMF, WORLD BANK, etc the one and the only governor who never succumbed to their decision is Kwame Nkrumah but he too was a power drunk. So immediately the poor citizens elect their leaders from then, the leaders becomes enemy to them by taking them back to slavery but at time is a conscience slavery or I called it slavery by conscience, poor citizens is not your fault to elect people to lead you as a nation but the fact is those leaders are slaves to their western masters so they take advice from their masters more than their citizens, they serve in the interest of their master but not the interest of their citizens.

When one becomes president in Africa and he/she is going for loan this is what they asked him/her are you going to use our constitution to rule? because they are slaves already they agree to them and after collecting it they begin to sell out the nation assets to them and devalue some valuable things in the nation, some of our leaders sold some nation assets to the Europeans for them to have power again in our nation, some of them devalued the education system, the currency etc on what grounds can Africa country buy a national assets in western countries? But when you come to Ghana you see the western countries buying our national assets oh what a moron country with moron people, anyone who doesn’t believe in slave trade, this form of slave trade is there for you to see. Now in the olden day’s slavery, they were selling humans but at this time our billboard leaders are selling the national assets and have devalued our valuable things such as our education system and our currency. The back bone of any country is education; any countries which have good education system develops so as it currency as an economic factor, now how can we say about Ghana? Poor education system and poor currency oh Ghana why? Now the nation is financially handicap and the leaders have filled their tummy with the national money corruption has become a canker among our leaders.

Condoleezza Rice, US general secretary in former President Bush administration once attended AU meeting and addressed our leaders not to trust east or west because they are coming for their own interest but not the interest of Africa, but what do we see because our puppet or billboard leaders have sold their conscience to them they still follow them, no wonder we are still slaves. We are still slaves my brothers and sisters, let’s not deceived ourselves that we are in the 21st century so everything has changed, it’s still going on, our national assets are been sold to them now they have say in our affairs oh God have mercy on poor Africa Ghana, you’re not in chains so you think is not true but it is happening day in and day out right in front of your nose. When our leaders come as president ministers and mps, they only think about themselves and how to sell a nation asset to their master. How can a president after looting and sold the national assets through dubious means and upon all the money he looted still demanding for an ex-gracias? How a president can kill some people because they have some little amount of money in their accounts and also have borrowed money from the bank and this same president sold national assets to his wife, looted the state, devalued our educational system and then sent his children to school in abroad? How a president can increased his salary 100% and are paying huge amount of judgment debts to some people? How a president can devalue our currency, sold national assets and sent away his follow Africans to their country? So you see the list can go on and on without endless, they all puppet or billboard leaders who are serving and were served the interest of the west by sending us to slavery.

No matter how you will vote for NPP or NDC they are all puppet or billboard leaders whose aim is to send us to slavery so citizens be careful don’t let these people ideologies entice you to fall a victim they have done and have succeeded. So why are you worry about these stomachticians who called themselves politicians whiles we can kick them off? So why are you worry about our puppet or billboard leaders while we can kick them off? I try to let my people understand the reality of 1800 theory from Charles Darwin, it fresh in their memory and when copy east who also copied read it, is the same thing but the victimization is upon my people back the more foolish they become oh God save your people. Now let’s answer the few questions are we not chickens? We are because we are getting AID, second hand clothes, fake things etc. I do not hate east or west neither do I hate Africans but the truth is the truth, stand for the truth always stand alone.

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Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice