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Late Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama11 The latte Major Maxwell Adams Mahama

Sat, 10 Jun 2017 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

Now the day is over for Major Maxwell Mahama Adam, he has completed his work and tenure as God destined for him. He has been summoned by his Maker to return to him, to the place where there is no death. This is the place where all of us shall be judged; the books of deeds in our hands.

His death is the kind which touches the heart of a nation. When the news was broken, the manner in which he was killed made the nation weep in an unusual anguish. Almost all Ghanaians wondered why some of their compatriots can be so callous.

Now that he is gone what else can they do other than ask themselves why they did what they did and in the manner they did it?

They ran but could not hide. Now all of them are in the net awaiting justice. God’s justice too awaits them when they too return to Our Maker who knows all that is hidden in the hearts of men; after all, we are all His Creatures made in the like of his image.

A thousand years to the Maker is but a few seconds. So they who commit heinous iniquities such as taking the lives of others and think they have long to live or even forget that very soon time would catch up with them would realize how foolish they have been.

Life can be interesting. Some live long and achieve so much while some don’t make any impact at all on the world. Others on the other hand, live a short life but live a lasting legacy – their footprints sources of knowledge for their communities.

Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, 32, lived a short life; his death, tragic as it was, attracted the empathy of his compatriots, save those who brutally killed him – their reasons for the barbarism known only to them.

It was a life nobody ever thought was devoid of promise but his Maker, Our Maker knew it all. The knower of everything and determiner of our fate had destined the way his life would end and so it did. We cannot question or even query it. Who are we to do so – ordinary mortals?

His funeral attracted the highs and lows of society, sufficient evidence of his place in this ephemeral world.

We pray that the Good Lord would have mercy on his soul. He died a gruesome death and so we hope that God would give him a befitting rest in the hereafter.

May God grant his wife and the rest of his family the fortitude to bear the painful loss. God who gave the family and the country Major Mahama took him away when He so decided.

As we said in our commentaries on the tragic death of this fine officer, let his death push us to eradicate what he went to fight in Denkyira Oboase that our environment may be saved from the wicked prospectors of gold: the negative fallouts of their work not meaning a thing to them.

Dealing a fatal blow to illegal mining or galamsey would be a befitting tribute to his memory, more important than a statue. Rest In Peace, Major Mahama.

Columnist: dailyguideafrica.com
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