OMG is this Mr. Kwamena Awhoi?

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 Source: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

I am going to be brief and candid here. So many years ago Mr. Kwamena Awhoi beat his chest and lined up astute and successful entrepreneurs in Ghana to declare their assets. He was everywhere on the only TV station Ghana had, that is GTV. These wonderful and illustrious Ghanaians were not even allowed the benefits of legal representation before their accusers who were the almighty Awhoi and his cohorts. According to this gentleman, (Awhoi) these people from all tribes had committed treasonable offences because they were perceived to be rich. People who had been in business for more than 25 years were asked to account in detail all transactions they had engaged in or undertaken. Majority of these brethren lost all that they had toiled (properties) for and some eventually gave up the ghost. As a result of this man’s actions there have been trails of poverty in so many homes in Ghana as I write this piece. The entrepreneurial spirit of our country is dead because we lost a generation who would have encouraged and tutored the present generation of aspiring business owners the secrets of innovation and determination.

After wrecking so many homes, Kwamena Awhoi is so scared to face the cameras and answer pertinent questions that would have unraveled the ‘galloping’ Mitsubishi galloper story. Why would Kwamena, (a man who calls himself a ‘professor’) who actually engaged in the said ‘contract’ with African Automobile Limited skip a press conference he had scheduled to give. Does he want the world to know that there are two laws in Ghana, one for politicians and one for entrepreneurs? It is very likely that he has actually forgotten the ordeal he made people go through, otherwise he would not have brazenly stated that he and Cecelia Johnson would pitch camp with AAL to fight and force Ghana to pay a whopping $1.7B as judgment debt. Well why would I, a villager not be surprised, Kwamena Awhoi came out publicly that he had quit politics when NDC was in opposition only to summersault back into active politics when Prof Mills won back power. Our illustrious sons and daughters are turning in their graves. They had been hounded by a so called Ghanaian ‘professor’ who teaches in a tertiary institution. Oh My G** save Ghana

Ansah Owusu Koduah

Columnist: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

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