Occupy Ghana should occupy the truth for once!

Sun, 6 Nov 2016 Source: David Yevugah

It was a dark political cloud on the neck of truth and conscience and a sad day 03 November 2016 when we read the wiggly and jumpy submissions of Mr. Casely Hayford on Ghana web in an article titled “A-G can’t be trusted to retrieve Woyome cash”. This article we in YODECOD sees it an unfortunate and a mere political innuendo cast at the AG and H.E Consul A.A. Woyome. This twists and turns stratagem adopted by leaders of occupy Ghana to continuously create aspersion on the minds on innocent Ghanaians to miscarry justice will not jell.

We are really disappointed at the level of pettiness and cheap political calculations used in defining the outcome of the case from the start. We for some time now have come to believe that certain personalities in occupy Ghana have the answers and solutions to the numerous issues confronting the state in its forward march because of the numerous successes and achievements they have added to their credentials and personality radar but only to be fully convinced this morning by this show of gross analytical incompetence and frivolous and unnecessary political castigation by Mr. Casely Hayford and the collective stance of Occupy Ghana.

In short we are saying they should revisit their analytical table and ask the questions what happens to natural Justice? What is the high Court ruling saying? What are the three wise men of the Appeals court saying? What is the connection of H.E consul A.A. Woyome to the case? What is the full report of EOCO with regards to the case if there is any or whether the interim report is still like that for so many years? What is wrong if the AG now sees that there is an injustice carried out against a citizen of this country? Why this case is always of importance to the NPP? Did cabinet really abrogates contract or if there was even a contract? What happened to the first ruling of the supreme court led by Justice Samuel Date’ Bah? And at this juncture will recommend to you to read His book titled “Reflections on the Supreme Court of Ghana” (JCL Studies in comparative Law No. 14) What is the supreme court ruling of 2014 on the case means to justice, freedom and human rights?. These are the questions thirsty for answers, questions that have been consigned to the museum of political injustice.

We are in twenty first century where nothing is no more a secrete, where evasiveness has now become sound bites and truth can no longer be buried under the avalanche of untruths and money, justice is no more the cheap commodity of the rich and affluent in society and integrity and conscience no longer reserve for the populist. This anarchical thinking we must not encourage, let’s not become victims and decoys of these political injustice being perpetuated in the media landscape.

Columnist: David Yevugah