Ode to Ghanaian Greedy Bastards

Sun, 3 Feb 2013 Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi 3rd February 2013

Oh, what a woe of man,

Daily for him to perspire,

Oh, what is the ultimate worth of wealth,

That he should aspire

To that which outlasts when he expires?

At the very dawn of history,

Man was conceived in the womb of time,

At the very dusk of his story,

He was programmed to die,

And be consigned to the nebulous region of nonentity

What then is this futility of man,

For him to be filled with hubris,

In this blazing inferno of Ogyakrom,

We are all existential nobodies,

Yet, some think they are somebodies

Greedy bastards rear their ugly heads,

Pretending to be better than who they are,

Black or white, rich or poor, educated or illiterate,

Death is the universal trap,

The inescapable blueprint of the Maker,

There is no avoiding the gargantuan jaws of natural justice

Gluttonous gourmands scheme to guzzle our wealth,

Forgetting, every malfeasance wrought on us,

Draws them closer to their graves,

We are all caught in a wicked web,

Aye, we are all entangled in a quirky quagmire,

To death, all souls are condign and condemned slaves

Why do you stare and admire,

Are you scared or do you dare

Narcissists, tribalists, ethnicisists and arsonists?

Like bloated and inflated balloons,

They are rocking on the shifty sands of time,

Soon, they will expiate for their greed and exit,

Soon, they will swoon and fizzle out

Mean man shall expire,

Also, meek and upright man shall expire,

Woyomised Ghanagate is puking badly on our collective conscience,

Amidst humongous judgement debts and gross graft,

Is there no respite from these thefts,

Here comes the Northeners Demolition Company (NDC)

And the Notorious Patapaa Party (NPP)

No man ever acquired the whole world

And lived happily forever,

Greedy bastards may be vampires today,

Yet, the inexorable laws of fate

Soon catches up fast with furious hate,

On the jaws of justice they are gnawed,

Today, they look sated and satiated

With our stolen national wealth,

Yet tomorrow the plunderers leave all in haste,

And hereafter answer in the Great Hall,

Where every soul has a date with the Divine Presence

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• Corruption in our national fabric has to be extirpated, annihilated and obliterated. It has to be fought by all in a vigorous manner for our suffering people to enjoy the benefits of economic growth and development.

• Apologies to J.J. Rawlings for his terms of ‘evil dwarfs’ and ‘greedy bastards’.

Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta