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Ohenenana's weekly letter to the president.

Greetings His Excellency,

His Excellency, six year ago, swearing an oath before the good people of Ghana as the Vice to our respected Prof, I saw a vision, the vision of a new Ghana clad in the full grandeur conceived by our founding fathers, a new Ghana standing out as a landmark in man's effort to achieve complete social, economic and cultural emancipation. A nation, towering above the divisions and conflicts of today based on political fanaticism and welded together in a common devotion to the pursuit of happiness and concord for all at all times. As a Pan-Africanist in-and-in, I know you would be worried carrying your cup, spoon and plate to collect cramps from the imperialists forces.

Though we make noise back home about the financial support being offered us by the Americans, I feel very sad as an individual watching Heads of States on the continent marching in line to Obama to be assessed and directed as to how to handle the destiny of the people on the continent. I know your eyes would be filled with tears as you hold your pen to sign to these agreements.

We have no option as at now because of the reckless way we have collectively handled our country after the overthrow of Osagyefo. The imperialists forces are today destroying the continent through fueling internal conflicts on the continent, yesteryears, the destroyed fine institutions and powerful ideological philosophies through the overthrow and killing of progressive leaders like Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and others, they infiltrated the African leadership block and created serious divisions through wicked ideological indoctrinations.

Ghana was the first country to achieve independence, apart from Liberia and Ethiopia, later, Ghana had and continues to play a decisive role in assisting the acceleration of wind of change in the direction of eliminating imperialists subtle dominance in African affairs, it is in this esteemed role that has always entered herself a place in the forefront, not only in political liberation but along with Africa's economic emancipation process. As you sit before those agents of imperialism, swear before your father who was a Pan-Africanist by blood and sweat, Nkrumah and other departed liberation forces that never would you join African leaders to beg for imperialists cramps.

His Excellency, I know how you feel in circumstances like this and all your comrades who are today dinning with the opposition would attest to your solid commitment to the Pan Africanism concept. It is unfortunate you have inherited this economic situation, I will however urge you to remain resolute in pursuance of the concept. It wouldn't be easy many pestilence would be placed in your way but like you presented yourself during your first address to the United Nations, wear the cassock of Osagyefo and be assured of total support from the progressive forces in the country and on the continent.

I don't think we must dance to the imperialist’s music because of that peanut dressed in suite called Millennium Change Account. Ghana shouldn't be feeding on these cramps we have the capacity to raise hundred folds of that money if we manage our system well. We shouldn't wait for Uncle Sam to rehabilitate our roads for us, it demeans the spirit upon which this country was established and demeans our image as a people.

His Excellency, my last issue is on the cramps you bringing home I say cramps because I know by the end of your tenure, countries will eat from our cramps knowing the policies you have outlined. You must supervise the disbursement of monies you bringing home. I am very serious about it, don't open your ears to noise which would emanate from the stables of your detractors. Take full responsibility of disbursement of the fund and constitute a solid team outside those around you to monitor programmes the monies would support. Do not allow free range operation or follow anything like conventional procedures, change the status quo and trend. You remember my advice to handle the sports ministry yourself, that may not be feasible but with this particular issue, I will plead with you to consider my advice.

His Excellency, I am always moved by this pronouncement from you that, we must not regard the advances made so far as definitely consolidated. If we do, we will make room for laxity and complacency. You will definitely hit your mark looking at the seriousness you attach to your work. Like an artist beginning his drawing, people with no artistic eyes wouldn't know what he is up to until the final work is completed.

I thank you His Excellency, I say maximum respect boss and make stepping of toes to reshape the administration, your motto from this time till 2021

Thanks Sir

Your's Humble Servant

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow || Spy News Agency

Columnist: Krow, Ohenenana Obonti