Oil In Ghana: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Thu, 7 Apr 2011 Source: Atubiga, Alhaji Alex

Alhaji Atubiga (Candidate for MP), condemns Reverend Mensa Otabil on the issue.


I am quite disappointed in Reverend Mensa Otabil’s views and negative comments on prospects for progress and prosperity in Ghana. As a person with a good amount of influence in the society, I am particularly disturbed by his perspectives on the discovery of oil in Ghana and the road ahead.

I do not particularly blame him for his illusionary thoughts on Ghana’s future. It is obvious that, his lifestyle is quite distinct from the ordinary people even in his congregation, considering how many years he has manipulated them by collecting large sums of money through tithes in the name of his ministry. Living in a mansion, driving very expensive cars, and wearing oversized traditional attires (Agbada) is typically not the lifestyle of a regular church member or the average Ghanaian for that matter. It is therefore not surprising that, he does not give serious thought to some of his pronouncements and comments on the progress of Ghana.

Judging from his attitude on this issue, it is quite obvious which political party he patronizes. I often wonder why Reverend Otabil did not make any such pronouncements or prediction’s when the NPP was in power. Would I be wrong to liken him to Delilah, Judas or Ananias? Who in their right frame of mind will not pray for Ghana to be blessed with any resource God created that would bring advancement to the lives of people as well as enhance Ghana’s prominence as the Gateway to Africa? My advice to you Reverend Otabil is “Go on your knees and pray for God’s forgiveness”

Let me ask, when was the last time Otabil and his congregation took active part in any community work such as clean up or charity work to the benefit the people of Ghana? Could you tell me how much parents are paying for tuition and other fees in your university? How many scholarships are you offering to the needy in your institution? So far as his calling for a revolution, I believe the only revolution that should probably take place should be in his church against his flamboyant and lavish lifestyle at the expense of the ordinary people.

Rather than being an enemy of progress to mother Ghana, the “renowned” Reverend could learn and emulate the example of Kwaku Bonsam. As Ironic as his name may sound, this man has built clinics and schools. He pays teachers in his schools out of his pocket to serve the community. Records indicate that over 2000 people are receiving free education at his expense in his village. As unfortunate as it may appear that he is said to be worshipping idols and lesser gods, at least he is positively impacting the lives of his people. What is Mensa Otabil doing?

God, without a doubt, is blessing Ghana under His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills and his vice, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. Revolution is a thing of the past. It will not happen. In any case, Reverend Otabil: I definitely do not subscribe to your views and would like to debate you on this matter anytime any day and anywhere you choose to make yourself available in the common good of progress in Ghana.


Alhaji Alex Atubiga,



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Columnist: Atubiga, Alhaji Alex